Seeking Mayors in the Mixed Leaf Forest!

Hello! As many of you know DSS has been going on for some time now and mayors have been selecting since Monday. I wanted to extend a hand to any aristocrats that may still be seeking a home within the Mixed Leaf Forest.

I am the Count of Ersetia in the Duchy of Orpheus [Kingdom is Alésia]. We have a couple of villages and a hamlet that are not slated to be claimed yet and... here they are!

The Village of Oakbow Corner

This village has a ton of potential with the river system and trail connections. It is a Waerd settlement within the mixed leaf forest so may offer a bit of a unique experience.

The Village of Greendell

This village is right up against a fairly large body of water and has access to plenty of forest. It also has hills nearby that may hold an opportunity for adventure. The primary tribe is here is Neran with the Kypiq as a close second.

The Hamlet of Whitepike Springs

This hamlet is one of my personal favorite settlements on the map. It is right up against a very large body of water connecting it to the Orpheus river system. It also hasa a very large potential for growth and trade. It does lack a roadway to it but I intend to fix that during exposition. However, if the mayor that settles here likes the isolated vibe, I am open to supporting that as well!


If you're interested in any of these settlements shoot me a quick message on here or you can DM me on discord @Skittles in the Graveyard#2727

I look forward to hearing from you!

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