Looking for Neran Life? - Settlements available in Duchy of Pinecutter Hollow (Wessex)

Server: Angelica (NA-West)

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Valyria

The Duchy of Wessex currently holds the Duchy of Pinecutter Hollow

Point of Contact: Wessex Elyria Discord You may PM me here or DM to Duke Manus Dei of Wessex#4315 on Discord.

Recruitment: Open; seeking counts/countesses, aristocracy, and individuals. -Application-

Roleplay: "Practical" Roleplay... See Below

Website: The Duchy of Wessex (Site is old, so you will need to activate Adobe Flash)

Recruitment Post for Duchy: All Roads Lead to Wessex


The clan "The Duchy of Wessex" has claimed the Duchy of Pinecutter Hollow on Angelica in the Kingdom of Valyria. There are four grand counties in Wessex, including my home county of Elba, which account for nearly 85 open settlements, many of them rich and surrounded by ample resources.

Wessex has 15 years of experience running a clan based on authentic historical feudalism. We have been doing this since long before Chronicles of Elyria arrived on the scene and will make it an actual part of the game mechanics. If you're looking for that kind of atmosphere, and from a clan that knows how to appreciate and put the gloss of historical detail onto its society and government, that's what you'll find in Wessex. We aim to be the quintessential neran medieval experience. You can read more about this and our rather long history in gaming in our duchy recruitment post linked above.

If you are a mayor or baron or even thinking of upgrading to count and would like to place in our land, please contact us by one of the means given.

Join Us!

With all the new depth provided by Chronicles of Elyria, from the new meaningfulness of titles to the dynastic heritage they represent, Wessex has never been more excited for a game to play. It's the game we designed our historical feudal clan for years before its existence was even a possibility. And now that it is a possibility, we invite players like you who share our dream of what virtual nation building can be. No matter what your commitment or pledge level to Chronicles of Elyria, we would love to welcome you to our website, Discord, and forums, as found on the links below.

Wessex non-Elyria (main) Discord



Wessex Elyria Discord You may PM me here or DM to Duke Manus Dei of Wessex#4315 on Discord.

Given by My Own Hand,


9/20/2019 2:48:34 AM #1

I love your duchy name, Wessex, just like a past kingdom in Britain, hope they let you keep that name.

9/20/2019 4:18:27 AM #2

First Valyria, now Wessex, now I'm just waiting for the city of Rome to pop up in Valyria. Lol.

Busting ya is all, nice post :)

9/21/2019 11:48:36 PM #3

lol I wrote both Valyria's and Wessex's posts, which is why the "Super Omnia" and the "All Roads Lead"...

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