[Bordweall] The City of Dawn's Harbor

Welcome to the city of Dawn's Harbor!

  • Duchy: Bloodbole
  • County: Morporkia
  • Original Name: Gartarrow Grove
  • Website: Coming soon

Dawn's Harbor is a town located upriver from the coast in the duchy of Bloodbole; part of the Grand Royal Duchy of Bloodoak; in the Kingdom of Bordweall. It is a member-city in the Bloodthorn Syndicate & is the headquarters of the Wildhome Expedition.

We intend to establish ourselves as a trading and procurement hub where goods are imported, refined, and transported in the service of technological advancement & seafaring. However, for such a place to run smoothly, we need to fill a wide variety of roles. We are looking for farmers, builders, stablemasters, blacksmiths, shop owners, rangers, scribes, and any other profession mann can practice. There will be a place for you and your playstyle - so long as you abide by all applicable laws - if you would like to be a part of this influential community.

Our immediate goal during exposition will be building trade routes to key locations, planning for the dynamic organization of production, refinement, and market facilities inside the city bounds, and seeding forests in the area. As an incentive, we will also be offering an opportunity for settlers through a program that allows them to work public facilities & pay a portion of their output as installments toward owning the land.

Our settlement will have a Mayor, but that role is presently the administrator of a governing council. As we grow our holdings, we will look to widen our scope to the larger Dawn's Harbor population. Dedicated figures from the community are welcome to voice concerns and opinions with the governing body. Our Mayor's door is always open!

Contact Mayor Ras

On Discord @ThatRasputin#3904
By E-mail at [email protected]

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