[NA-E][County of Rathemare][Fortuna] - LFM

County of Rathemare -- Seeking Settlers

Capital: Burly Reach

County: Rathemare

Duchy: Silverbrine

Kingdom: Fortuna

Server: Luna (NA-East)

Discord: (PM me on Discord)

Hello, my name is Count Rummil of Burly Reach, I am in search of craftsmen, farmers, scribes, and soldier who seek blood and honor. County of Rathemare, which will be focusing on gathering resources, production, and military. Rathemare has claimed within the Kingdom of Fortuna in the Duchy of Silverbrine and located on the Luna (NA-East Server). The County of Rathemare primary focus will be on protecting the realm and assisting the Virtori Church in times of need. Rathemare is also seeking craftsman to mine, blacksmith, craft weapons/armor, leather working, tanning, pastoral farming, and farmer.

If you would like to join or ask for more information, please private message myself or join Our Discord, at your earliest convenience.

Count T. Rummil

Discord: Rummil#4099

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