County of Déninkár (Riftwood, Dréshurí)

Welcome to the county of Déninkár!

Within the Duchy of Dréshurí in Riftwood.

County Stats: Name: Déninkár County seat: Val'Alór (City of ~56 parcels, Pop of ~220) Size: 4753 parcels (19.47 km^2, or approximately half skyrim) Population: ~708 Settlements: 1 city 2 Towns (One available) 3 villages (Two available) 5 hamlets

County Focus: One of the first things you'll notice about this county is that it contains most of the tallest mountain peaks in the Rainforest. This mountain is of great significance to our county and people, as it is the site of much of our cultural and religious plans, including our Academy. We will be getting a Grand Hunting Academy (duchy-level Technology Kit; basically a university) within the county and that is going to form a large part of the focus of the county. Here we will teach a number of things, including primarily hunting and combat skills, and how to life and succeed in the jungle. In Janoan culture, youth are sent to Hunting Academies after being taught the basics by their families, and the intention is for this to be one of the if not the most prestigious Hunting Academies in the Kingdom that has a specialty in training for the Night Hunt. You are even ecouraged to go here to participate in the Night Hunt and become a Proven yourself!

The secondary focus of the Academy is architecture and building. We plan to build it near or on the great mountain in the center of the kingdom. This should give us access to stone and clay to forge a new building aesthetic for key monuments and landmarks for the kingdom. It all starts here. Other than that, there will be room for other research foci if we have interest as well, including most likely alchemy and medicine given the generous and diverse fauna of the area.

To learn more about what Professions we're looking for, and to meet us and get to know us in our discord!

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