County of Dorcenir (Ashland)

Dorcenir is the largest county in the duchy of Anumciel, Ashland. It is made up of one capital, five towns, and six hamlets (Our duke wants to make one of the towns a barony). On the west side of the county, three great lakes are the ideal spot for fishing and boating, while the east side of the county is made up of vast forest and farm land.

We pride ourselves of being the heart of Anumciel. Located in the centre of the duchy, we will be the main providers of many resources, from food, lumber, fresh water, and many other things that we choose to produce.

The capital of Vaelun is located in the centre of the county, leaving many prime towns for other mayors to choose from. From a town with bodies of water on both sides, being a prime spot for trade and defence; in the middle of the forest, which I hope to be the heart of the lumber industry; and various towns around the lakes, giving us the perfect opportunity for ferry travel, Dorcenir is full of opportunity.

As of now, I am by myself in this large county in the centre of my duchy, with so much potential. So if anyone is interested in beginning anew, and many neighbor towns to help them out, this is the county to be!

If interested, check out the Anumciel discord and ask for Countess Ashaeva. I look forward to meeting you :)

Countess Ashaeva Tyrandor of Dorcenir, a Hexa-County in the Duchy of Anumciel, Ashland

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