[Bordweall] Looking for Baron(s)/Baroness(es)

I'm looking for a baron to protect the southern border of Drayrien, which is a kingdom border between Bordweall and Kairos.

Bordweall and Kairos are allies, however a kingdom border always has a higher chance of criminal activity and conflict than any other place.

The hamlet of gartdust point is an excellent location for a barony (even though it's only currently a hamlet), and obviously as a baron you will be supported financially to fortify the hamlet into a fort.

Advantages of the location:

  • The river should make it relatively easy to defend
  • The river should also make it easy to transport troops to other areas
  • Enough farmland to sustain a significant amount of troops
  • It supports a variety of different troops, like marines, cavalry, naval, etc. depending on your wishes.
  • There will likely be lots of things to do for your PvP/combat minded players, maintain law and order near a border, deterring potential piracy and roadside ambushes, etc. you certainly won't be bored.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and what you can offer in terms of protection.

Count LizenÇace VeLeîjres of Mydra's Crossing, VII of the order of the IX.

Order of IX

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