[NA-E Bordweall] The County of Altraxia

The County of Altraxia

Kingdom of Bordweall

Duchy of Drayrien (Discord Link)

County of Altraxia (Discord Link)

(Previously known as Pensage)

Capital is Altria

(Previously known as Huntvalley)

Primary Focus

Gathering, Production, Construction, and Banking

Primary Exports

Lumber, Food, Finished Goods

Altraxia was established along the northernmost border of the duchy of Drayrien in a woodland Savannah biome. This fertile land of scattered trees and sprawling fields ready to be sown gives its boon to those eager for a new start. For others less interested in reaping the rewards of the land, this sprawling county hosts many hospitable settlements. Partaking in roleplay while encouraged is not required. However, favorable consideration will be given for any concerns or suggestions presented in character.

The population of Altraxia is composed of a tribal majority of To’resk by an extensive measure, with a minority of Neran and Waerd, and a sparse touch of Dras and Janos. Looking into the individual 13 settlements there is more variation including settlements where the Waerd or Neran presence is more pronounced in a few cases becoming the majority. Approximately half of the County presently resides in either the Capital of Altria or the City of Esk’shajos, but we expect several of the settlements will grow during either now or during exposition as we build out the County which will likely change that distribution.

The Thirteen Settlements


  • The Capital of Altria *(Previously Huntsvalley) - Count Esmour Hawltrey

  • The City of Esk'shajos *(Previously Bridgearrow Hope) - Marshal Nimeya Cel’Dani

Currently unclaimed:

  • The Town of Stormia

  • The Town of Brownvine Farm

  • The Town of Darkarrow Glen

  • The Town of West Clayale

  • The Village of Bridgelilly Rest

  • The Village of Fawnmist

  • The Hamlet of Whiteside

  • The Hamlet of Redbarrow Creek

  • The Hamlet of Littlearch

  • The Hamlet of Redsable

  • The Hamlet of Stanamber

What are we looking for?

Altraxia is in great need of mayoral leaders to help manage its numerous settlements. At the county level, upgrading the roads and building construction to facilitate and encourage trade will be a priority. By participating in the Mayoral council (see below) you will help influence the shape of county development in exposition and beyond.

For those not of a governing mindset, there is a high demand for Merchants, Artisans, artists and entertainers of many varieties to prompt diverse yet thriving settlements. We are looking for those creative types to help make this county a cultural destination that many would travel to. Given that we have a necessary focus on food and lumber, farmers, rangers, woodcutters, and many other tradecrafts will be in high demand as well. Due to our location, those who are not combat-oriented can expect to be quite safe from attack.

Of course, to ensure the County remains secure from those who might do harm, there is a need for those willing to act in its defense. For that Altraxia will have a need for guards, constables, and bounty hunters. Additionally, Duke Azzaro has granted Marshal Nyema Cel’Dani authority to build and train units of both heavy and light cavalry and will be looking for soldiers interested in taking up the call to defend our borders and take the battle to the enemy should the Duke call upon us to do so.



There will be a number of advisors who will share their wisdom with the count on all matters related to running the county. They will be included during the drafting of laws, along with any major construction projects.

Council of Mayors

While the Count will have the ultimate say over what happens in the county, the leader of each settlement will be able to represent themselves in a Council of Mayors which will help advise the count in how he should run the county, especially when it would also affect their settlements. This can include new county-wide construction projects, new tax laws, events, and other actions or laws which will affect the county as a whole. The Council of Mayors also will help run the county on the occasion that the Count will be unable to fulfill his duties. They will also be consulted regarding anything that might affect the county as a whole, for without them then the county as a whole can not prosper.

The Common Council

Every so often a council of the common citizens can be called either by the count himself or the council of mayors to obtain the opinions of the common folk. This can be from simply their impressions of the state of County or infrastructure to how best to improve the local area and to see what people would like to see. The goal of this is to give the citizens a voice in how things are run.


Competition helps grow people, it gives a purpose to improve themselves and help them strive to be the very best that they can. To promote this, tournaments will be held to help bring forth the best that my county has to offer. These tournaments won’t just be restricted to simply martial prowess, but there shall be crafting competitions to find the greatest crafters. The winners will be granted funding from my personal wealth to help promote their craft and grant them the ability to improve further. While attendance is, of course, optional, it is encouraged.

For any interested in joining, feel free to send me a message or join the Ducal discord link up above and here:

The County discord is here:

Count Esmour Hawtrey 840E3D

9/19/2019 2:39:00 AM #1

I, Marshal Nimeya Cel'Dani support this message and look forward to meeting some of you in Council or around the County. Well met!

9/22/2019 4:21:30 AM #2

I will also like to add, any organizations interested in setting up shop in my county will also be granted a free parcel of land and some building materials to help start building their headquarters.

Count Esmour Hawtrey 840E3D

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