County of Myrkrið


County of Darkness

County Information

Server: NA - West

Countess: Ylva Heiðar

Her Den: Capitol of Dauðinn [Link Coming Soon!]

Leading Family: House of Heiðar

Duchy: Baxteria

Kingdom: Blackheart

Primary Focus: Heavy Role-play & PVP/PVE

Biome: Shrub Steppe

Tribes: Neran & The Waerd

Sister County of The Cabal!

Brother County: Grand County of Lindinheim

Brother County: TBA

The County's Need

Currently, the Countess is seeking all that wish to become part of the county itself. Whether [MAYORS] seeking to call home to one of the settlements or a wanderer looking to become a [CITIZENS].

Available Slots For Mayors: 5 of 8

What We Offer

  • Community
  • Growth
  • Discovery
  • Agriculture
  • Production of Resources

Main Objectives for the Future!

  • Brudvir bloodlines
  • Dras bloodlines
  • Neran bloodlines

We wish to migrate what we don't have down. Plain and simple. These are the Tribes we wish to take root in our lands, within the pack. Everything that happens after will be ... Our History

Our Declaration of Intent

The focus of our county is simple … Experiences through Role-play!

We hope that everyone that joins our family will enjoy the enhancement in gameplay that we wish to provide. Whether a player is passing through or looking to create their first home. We welcome all types of stories, even villainous tales.

Our main goal is Family … * Community * building. No matter the story in character, we look to always respect one another out of character.

The Children of House Heiðar

"The Damaged are dangerous. They know how to make hell feel like home."

Skemmdir eru hættulegir. Þeir vita hvernig á að láta helvíti líða eins og heima.

Those seeking to join the pack, please just join the discord link below. We are waiting for you and are here to answer any questions you may have.

Discord Link

Always and Forever

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