The Waderlands. A little to Know.

the Waderlands

Noble Family: Morovig

Capital: Seabreeze Harbor

Focus: Fishing and Trading.

Motto: Atwa ty Praya

Guild: AnglersFetch

The Waderlands has been ran by the Morovig Family since it was created. Waderlands County Capital serves as a place for master and apprentice Fisherman come to fish and join the AnglersFetch to gain fortune and reputation. While this place is mainly known for the fishing it also is a Hub for trading. Seabreeze Harbor also imports and exports goods to counties nearby and afar to create profit for the Duchy and the Counties people.

The Count of The Waderlands has decided to open up the lands for new settlers to start villages to help the county sustain for longer.

The Citizens of the County believes the God of the Waters has blessed them with great fortune on the ocean and rivers and rain. Where the Family of Morovig believed the God of Fish has created his people to help feed the Land species his plentiful supply of sea creatures.

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