County of Silvervine Barrows

The (County) of Silvervine Barrows

A river forms in the high barrows, gathering the streams, flowing swiftly down to meet and give moisture to the great Ironwoods and smaller trees of the forest. In the water, fish and other creatures swim. Under the canopy and in the meadows, the creatures of the great forest run, and crawl, and forage, and thrive. The plants grow, flower, and prosper. And everywhere the menn live in harmony with the land and its creatures, protecting and guiding when necessary, working the cast-off wood and materials, gathering the excess bounty of the land.

There are many lands and many ways in the world. As a heartland region of the great forest, this area is a place where the forest is most itself, and the Kypiq most adapted to the forest. Though Kypiq reside here almost exclusively, the harmony of the forest is for all who seek and understand it. Neran who find the rhythm of the trees, and Waerd who seek to identify with more than just other menn may be seen visiting or even living here.


This is a small region of the great forest, within the area known as Amberlands and the Kingdom of Menn called Valyria.


A river runs from the downs in the northwest to other areas in the southeast. Kypiq live among the Ironwoods, and also in smaller settlements. There is much bounty of the forest to forage, and wood, and likely silk. There is land suited for farming, though probably small-scale forest style. What else may be found in the hills is not known.


Most of the inhabitants will probably gather the bounty of the forest. However there is land suitable for small-scale forest farming, and silk is likely to be found. And everywhere the fallen wood is available for carving. Rangers and Groundskeepers go without saying in this region, but Engineers and Alchemists are welcomed. The population is small, so more specialised opportunities are limited.

Political outlook:

The identity of the ‘county’ is in its land and people, more than its government. The intent is to become a healthy and strong area against the great trials that may and will come, a place resistant to evils, able to assist others when necessary, not to begin or participate in problems created by menn.


The county is open to all, requiring neither joining an organization or allegiance to any person, beyond simple respect for neighbours and a willingness to act reasonably. Or, every resident of the county is automatically a member of the guild, clan, association, or whatever it may be thought of. The only suggestion is that if one is in disagreement with the goals outlined in the description of the county given above, one would be happier living elsewhere.

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Out of character stuff:

Who lives here?

This is the heartland of the inquisitive, fun-loving, nature-honouring Kypiq! Other menn are not forbidden, but are rare.

How would we be ‘ruled’?

With a light touch. Unless a person is actively destroying the land or what lives on it, they shouldn’t need to see their elders at all. Your elders will respect your right to do for yourself if you respect theirs. (One completely out of character note: Barring further information, I intend to lock the county land table and only allow land use that I believe is in character with the region. This is not to cramp the opportunities of residents, but to prevent clearcutting, mass-farming, hunting*, and other activities which are incompatible with a healthy forest. *according to Kypiq :P)

What would we do here?

Any of the professions available! My current guess is that most residents gather forage, and that though professions like ‘constable’ and ‘diplomat’ and ‘performer’ are listed, they are probably part-time, or they travel between settlements, or even between counties. How much law-enforcement does a community of 30 souls need? And how much entertainment? Probably most inhabitants are multi-role. They gather as needed, then pursue their other interests.

Are you going to keep those names?

Maybe. When we actually see and interact with the land, different names may occur. ‘County’ is in brackets pending a determination of what Kypiq call such things.

Are you recruiting?

No! I have described the area out of simple courtesy so that people may know what they are getting into, or what to avoid. :P I hope there are some people who area attracted to the idea and add their own touch, make their own stories.

With thanks for your interest,

Taryl, leader of Silvervine Barrows

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Welcome to Amberlands!

Guardian Ansir Hawk - Angelica - Valyria - Amberlands - Llynhir

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