[Vornair] [Town] Port-Delving of Burgwall

The Town of Burgwall (name pending) is a port near the northwestern corner of the continent, on the western coast.

Burgwall has 3 priorities: Sea trade, inland trade, and food production. In-county jurisdictions also hold Burgwall responsible for the defense of its trade routes to the nearest villages, as well as the nearby logging hamlet of Forestgrove.

As the town is not only a port, but is so far north, food preservation is a major development focus to work hand-in-hand with the town's priorities, keeping traders fed and getting the people through the winter. Hope you like gin and pickled herring.

Lastly the high number of Hrothi performers leaves a unique opportunity: if anyone is willing to lead a troupe of Hrothi Oompa-Loompas to sing about workplace deaths, this is the place for you.

Combat: Burgwall has no intention of being militaristic, but instead will keep combat to the defense of trade routes from bandits and pirates.

Meta/RP: Neither metagaming nor RP will be enforced, encouraged, or discouraged. As mayor I personally plan to keep up light RP.

Foreigners: Obviously this is a port, so keeping up good foreign relations is encouraged until nobility specifies otherwise. Anyone looking for a trade connection in lower montane is encouraged to reach out.

Anyone interested in joining or creating a trade contact should contact me either on the forums or on discord.

Town discord:

County discord:

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