If you plan to place within Felvasdyr it would be greatly appreciated if you reach out to me via the forums or via discord @Klaus#4088

The City of New Lily(name TBD)

The capital of Felvasdyr, a primarily Neran settlement run by yours truly is located within one of the counties several hilly areas along a river running north east into Ailurus.

The Town of Parkshire

A Neran mayor could make a great home out of Parkshire. It is located on the counties’ southern border with Vitalis. It’s a fishing settlement located at the base of a waterway that stretches to the north west that has an estimated wealth of “Very Rich.”

Fort of Silveral

Another great location for a Neran mayor, Silveral is located pretty close to the center of Felvasdyr. It’s a defense focused settlement located within one of the hill ranges in the county again with an estimated wealth of “Very Rich.”

Garrison of Dunbrook

Dunbrook has more options as far as the mayor is concerned; they could play as Neran, Waerd, or Kypiq. It’s located in the far east once again in the hills it is Felvasdyr’s second defense focused settlement.

Hamlet of Brownbone Shoal

Another Neran mayor will call Brownbone Shoal home. It’sFelvasdyr’s northernmost settlement, just northwest of the capital on the other side of the hillside sitting near the border of Ailurus. It is one of the counties three logging focused settlements.

Hamlet of Inner Bourne

Inner Bourne is another Neran run settlement located almost directly west from the capital. It's one of the smaller hamlets in the county and has primary focus on hunting.

Hamlet of Auchrest

Another location with a variety of options for mayor’s tribe, being able to choose between: Naren, Waerd, and Kypiq. Located pretty close to the center of the county in some rather dense forests, its unsurprising that logging is the primary industry of this hamlet.

Hamlet of Bear Springs

Bear Springs will be home to either a Neran or Kypiq mayor, located north east of Parkshire along that same river and along a small hillside. It is the final logging settlement within Felvasdyr.

Hamlet of Littleivory

Little Ivory is going to be either a Weard or Neran mayor. It’s the western most settlement in Felvasdyr and has a primary focus of Hunting.