(NA-E) Jorgensen and Kragg Shipping Company

Welcome all to Jorgensen and Kragg shipping company!

We are a transport and shipwright company located in the northwestern region of the Bloodoak Duchy inside the Kingdom of Bordweal. Our headquarters is currently in the city of Redacker Cross, located in the County of Stonehampton!

Our goal?

We at JKSC strive to provide the premium warship production and frontline logistical services for our region inside of the Kingdom. We plan to produce the latest designs from the Brunel Shipwrights company, along with our own specialized designs. Our in house developments will be focused entirely on naval PvP, scouting, and commerce raiding designs.

Company Divisions - Logistics

Our company is split into three separate divisions. The first of which is the shipping and logistical division. This group will be tasked with transporting supplies between various company locations and possible military contracts. This division will also conduct commercial shipping to bring in revenue for the overall company. For this division, we are looking for merchants, sailors, captains, navigators, map makers, and all other professions in relation to the logistics and trade professions.

Company Divisions - Shipwrights

Being our main business, the shipwright division will most likely be the largest. The focus here will be to produce quality ships at an expedited rate. This division will focus entirely on shipbuilding, repair, overhaul, and development. Due to the scope of this division, we are recruiting many professions. The main professions are: Carpenter/Shipwright, Engineer, Blacksmith, Forester, Artillerist, and any others in the industry.

Company Divisions - Security

Due to the hopeful scale of the company, we will require a security force to protect our assets. Either it be on land for our shipyards or escorting our transport ships oversea. This division's main focus will be the protection of all JKSC goods, personal, and property. The main roles needing to be filled in this division are Sailors, Captains, Guards, Armorers, and Carpenters. This is THE division for you if wish to partake in naval PvP as often as possible!


Are you looking for trade or travel? Some maritime adventure and PvP? Or maybe you want to build the greatest warships of the kingdom, and see them in action? Then come talk us over at JKSC! Feel free to join our discord and chat with us! If you have any questions about our company or business inquiries feel free to join the discord or message me on the forums/discord(Zacher29#6120)!

The Jorgensen and Kragg shipping Company is a proud member of the Shipwrights of Elyria Association!

For more information about S.E.A check out their forum post.

Or their Discord!

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