NE-E Kairos- Recruitment

Kingdom of Kairos

Duchy of Moonhaven

County of Greygrave

A warm greeting to my fellow Elyrians! I, Count Alaric of Greygrave (until they approve my new county name!) am looking for several stalwart mayors to join me in my county! My county is large enough for three other settlements ; currently there are two hamlets and a large village. Any mayor or settlers will have my support to the fullest extent I can provide it; who better to have your back than the closest neighbor? My city of New Owl Glen (gah, name change pending, I swear) should be aptly set so assist in defense or supply, and is in fact the only city currently in the duchy. In the tropical rainforests you could choose to be Janoan or To'resk; a fierce warrior leader or a wily trader. The county is set between several tropical duchies and the tidal marshes in the west, meaning it has the potential to be an important trading hub. The current village is based on production, rated rich, and set to be a manufacturing hub. The hamlets are both current logging settlements, though they could be easily repurposed. There is also room of another settlement, and a driven group of individuals could do anything with it that they set their mind to. Most importantly, and the reason why I picked my city- set ideally against rainforest, mountains, and large rivers, these settlements have the resources and food to support a much, much greater population. At least two of the current settlements could easily be made into towns.

I feel that Elyria, especially in the beginning, will be a blood bath for the unprepared. I plan to focus on expanding the population of our county, expansion into npc counties if possible, and, most importantly, protecting the citizens, both player and npc, in our realm. While I know anyone can simply grab a settlement, I would love for you to message me too- there is no need to be a stranger and like I said, I want to be able to help one another. Potential mayors, players looking for a city to join (crafters, warriors, etc), or those just looking to know more, feel free to message me here, or look for me on the Kairos discord.

Evil? More like Chaotic Neutral...ish

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