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The County of Uldam


The Duchy of Ulvemåne


The Kingdom of Vornair


Alamor Felde

Personal Information - Medically retired Marine Corps veteran and current student going for a B.S. in Business Management. I am very active in many gaming communities and will always be around to answer any questions you have.

Coat of Arms

County Location

The County of Uldam is located in the Kingdom of Vornair and within the Duchy of Ulvemane. The biome for our county is Taiga, The county overall is "rich" and will be supported primarily by pastoral farming, livestock, and trade.


To be established.

County Leadership

County Focus

Uldam will focus on many things that range from education to farming and herding. The primary focus of the county will be Animal Husbandry. This will range from breeding mounts for combat and personal use to breeding and herding livestock for the slaughter houses. The primary focus will branch out into secondary focuses to support the Animal Husbandry business. Examples of this include schools for Veterinarians, trade hubs to sell livestock and mounts, and crafting hubs to provide needed items to all manners of business in Uldam. Of course counties will need just about every type of player and focus to truly thrive so all are welcome to do what they wish in Uldam.

Tribe Restrictions

Unless you own a Mayor title or above there is no tribe restrictions in the County of Uldam. However, the primary tribe is going to be Brudvir due to the biome Uldam is located in. Hrothi will be the second largest tribe in the area followed by Neran.

Current Needs

Uldam is looking for any type of player that is willing to be apart of a close knit community. However, our specific needs as a County will be posted below.

  • 1-3 Mayors that are trade/resource gather/infrastructure/crafting based
  • Farmers, Hunters, Fishermen, and Crafters
  • Traders
  • PvPers or combat players in general
  • Those willing to Roleplay as a citizen of Uldam

Joining Information

There are several ways you can join The County of Uldam. The most obvious ways are to message me here directly on the forums or on Discord @ Alamor#5225. The second way is to join Uldam's Discord server linked below. The last way is to join the Duchy of Ulvemåne's discord, which you will be asked to do anyways, and then tag or DM me on Discord.

The County of Uldam's Discord
The Duchy of Ulvemåne's Discord


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