County of Jarbarian

County of Jarbarian (Currently Silverivory)

  • Server: Luna NA-E
  • Affiliation: Solaris Confederation (Previously part of Kairos)
  • Duchy: Galladorn (Previously Elkland)
  • County: Jarbarian (Pending name approval)
  • Settlement: Mercnoa (Pending name approval)

Alt text - can be left blank

We are a military/mercenary based county. Our focus will be to secure the duchy at the western border and provide backup to our north, south and east. If you are PVP based player then this is the spot to be. We intend to lead the military on a aggressive stance against the enemy and provide defense and protection for all of the duchy and its allies. If you like best of both worlds on PVP and PVE then ready yourselves to be hired mercenaries for any expedition on surrounding lands that would need our assistance, may it be founding new lands, islands or continents. We will go where we need to go. I will tell you this now. If you are a sheep/cowardly and are easily offended by words this is not the place for you. We won’t hold our tongue and we will definitely speak our minds. If you are focused on providing or assisting such as farming, armor, weapon making, etc. then where is a better place to be than to be in the protection of us Jarbarians warriors and assisting us move forward. We will be civil but we will always be ready to take action. We are in need of all professions. Looking forward to our adventure together. Contact @Anka#7854 on discord for questions.

Settlement Available:

  • 0/1 Capital (Soon to be Stronghold)
  • 2/2 Fort
  • 1/1 Garrison
  • 2/2 Town
  • 3/3 Villages
  • 7/7 Hamlets

Professions Available: ALL. The shrewd warriors need support at all levels. Contact @Anka#7854 on discord for questions.

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