[NA-E] County of Darkstone Pass

Blackstone Pass: A County for Prosperity

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Blackstone Pass will be a county of the citizens, for the citizens. The county seeks growth and prosperity not only for itself, but for its citizens. The name Blackstone Pass is a reference to the chief planned exports, stone, masonry, and a mining focus combined with ancestral name of the Duchy and the signature mountain range passing through the county. Anyone seeing the name for the first time should have an idea of what the county produces. The capitol of Blackstone Pass is the city of Stonekirk. The cities’ central creed follows closely with Thomas Jefferson’s, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.


Each citizen has the fundamental right to live, and the government (City, County, Duchy, and Kingdom) has the responsibility to create an environment that keeps the risk to each citizen’s life low. While the government will do everything in its power to protect the lives of its citizens it cannot protect everyone at all times. Each citizen will be given the opportunity to live a long, full life to the best of their ability.


Each citizen’s liberty is important, endless pages of laws and regulations stifle creativity and growth. Your land is owned and operated by you. You the people will have the choice of what your land is for, it is not the government’s place to abuse eminent domain to take what is rightfully yours. The only exception for your liberty is when it infringes on another’s Liberty, do not take what is not yours, and do not hurt law abiding citizens.

Pursuit of Happiness

Each citizen has the fundamental right for a pursuit of happiness. Not everyone will be happy at all times, but with your life and liberty protected, to the best of our ability, you will have the best chance possible. Ultimately, you are the master of your own happiness, take ownership of it.

Land Selection

Blackstone Pass is in the Mixed Leaf Forest in what appears to be a transitional biome with Rocky Mountain Steppe near quarry-able stone and fine ores. While the settlements do not work stone and ore during this stage of D&SS, it is available in the County and the features would indicate an abundance of stone and ore. The mountain ranges will also provide natural defensive benefits channeling enemies into predictable paths.


The most dreaded aspect of a government is taxes. We will strive to minimize the taxes we impose on our citizens. We will not waste your wealth. The preferred method of taxation within Klytos Alkeides’ duchy is a land-tax. However, if you improve upon your land your tax will not increase accordingly. As a result, the more you prosper the more of your wealth that you may keep. Citizens who are just starting out may receive tax exemptions until they can get on their feet and become competitive.

What Your Taxes Pay For


The most important role of the government is to protect its citizens. As a result, this will be the most expensive aspect of running the government. Blackstone Pass will have three layers of defense available to it, the first layer contains the county guard which will act as modern day police. The second layer will be quick response force of mercenary guilds that remain on contract for emergencies. They will be able to supplement the guard to react quickly to dire threats or to neutralize threats that extend beyond the county. The third layer, will be the standing army provided by Barons and the Duke, Klytos Alkeides. In addition, an intelligence network may or may not be funded to ensure incoming threats can be reacted to in a timely manner and any incoming threat will be responded to with appropriate force but that can be neither confirmed, nor denied. If full scale war breaks out, taxes may need to be increased a minimal amount to ensure victory but raising wartime taxes will be a last resort.


Buildings, roads, and general infrastructure will decay over time. We will need to maintain our infrastructure to keep our county a safe place to live while promoting trade. Maintenance will be performed based on cost analysis, if a road is no longer performing its intended role it will be decommissioned, those funds can be re-purposed for a road that properly meets the desired function or repurposed for other important infrastructure.


Some administration costs will be accrued for performing duties such as scribe-work, or diplomacy. These costs will be minimized wherever possible, but they will exist.

What Your Taxes Do Not Pay For

Expansion Projects

Any new projects will be funded separately from common taxes. If for example, the miners request a new road to the mine. The Mine foreman will be first requested to fund that road. If there is enough community benefit and the relevant domain owner is unable to fund it, outside investors may be contacted. If no outside investor is willing to invest, the citizenry can create a one-time fund for the project. An example project that may require one-time funds is for a new well to meet increased demands from new citizens.

Salary of the Count and Stonekirk’s Mayor

The Count of Blackstone Pass, myself at launch will not take any salary from performing county or mayoral duties. This rule will be law, any successors will need to follow this law (unless they change it). The count role is designed for <20 hours of work per week leaving plenty of time to have another income source.

Jobs and Professions

Blackstone Pass will always need citizens wishing to work, anyone wishing to work for someone else may contact that person directly. If you have aspirations of creating your own business, feel free! Boards will be available near the city courtyard with ad hoc jobs and adventuring opportunities. Mercenary contracts may also be posted, but it might be worthwhile to establish relationships with the existing Mercenary Guilds.

What Blackstone Pass Has So Far (Excluding NPCs)

Outstanding People

The core citizenry is comprised with excellent people who have proven their mettle in many other survival MMOs achieving multiple world-firsts.

Blacksmiths Guild

The Blacksmiths Guild – To be named will produce world-class blades and armor. These weapons and armor will be needed to help arm the guard, mercenary guilds, and the standing army.

Plenty of EP

There is enough EP to create starting structures for any and all guilds interested in joining the county. In addition all roads and defensive structures will start pre-built.

What Blackstone Pass is Missing (Excluding NPCs)


Groups of like-minded people interested in working towards common goals who are eager to recruit. Due to County focus Masonry, Architectural, or Mercenary guilds would find plenty of work.


Primary exports (predicted): weapons, armor, masonry.

Primary imports (predicted): food, cloth, alchemical products


Extracts raw ore for downstream consumption.


Extracts raw stone for masonry consumption.


Defend the county.

Furniture Crafters

Creates furniture, wagons, and other small-wooden projects.

Jewel Crafters

Produce fine jewelry.


Cure ailments, produce elixirs.


Produce woven goods.

Explorers and Prospectors

Identify usable resources, explore the wilds!

Service Workers

Innkeepers, bar workers, chefs, ect.


Researchers, scribes, map-makers.


Legal Hunters willing to provide skins and hides.

Other Earthen Goods

Obtains sand, clay, and chalk.

Members for Existing Guilds

Existing guilds are still recruiting.

Village Tokens

Village tokens will help ensure each citizen has great options during character selection/creation within the county. In addition, it will increase NPC traffic to the city and will expand the city size.


Everyone needs food and players interested in the role are rare. As a result, many expect to import food and self-sustainability will be important.


Wood products will always be in demand and the location in Mixed-Leaf Forest provides a great opportunity for potential foresters.

Contact Information

If you would like more information or are interested in joining contact Endamaren#8857 via PMs or Discord.

Alesia: Website Link | Discord Link

Orpheus: Forum Link | Discord Link

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