[Rhynelands] County of Stormlost

County of Stormlost

Located along the northern coast of the Rhynelands, Stormlost County is focused around the industries subterranean farming and mining. Though those two industries form the economic backbone of Stormlost, there are many other opportunities to be found here. Quarriers, builders, constables, innkeepers, jewelers, and smiths of every type are all present in the county.

Who are we?

Stormlost is a county run by the 3 Pillars gaming community. While membership in 3 Pillars is not required to settle and participate in the county, it is required to enjoy full protections of the wider Vornic community.

What does it mean to be a member of |||?

While the full details of what it means to be ||| can be found here, the important thing to know is that Stormlost will be a metagame focused county. The CoE metagame will be the driving factor for county decisions and in game actions.

Settlements Available

7 settlements make up Stormlost aside from the capital.

  • The Town of Menacorner - A fishing town inland near the capital.

  • The Town Delving of Crag Ayre - A mining town in the southern parts of county. Should have some economic trade with the County of Crossangel Wolf below us.

  • Seaside Town Delving of Cape Draperford - Another mining town, this one on providing the county access to the coast. If suitable, this settlement will be prioritized to become a port.

  • Village Delving of Cragdale - On subterranean farming city north of capital.

  • Village of Inner Nightwater - A pastoral farming settlement upriver from Menacorner.

  • Village Delving of Bridgebarrow - Another mining focused settlement in the south county. Trade opportunities abound with 3 neighboring counties.

  • Village Delving of Iustewind - A pastoral farming town nestled in the south west of the county.

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