County of Llynhir - Amberlands - Valyria

The County of Llynhir - Amberlands - Valyria

This county is located deep in the Kypiq broadleaf forests of the Amberlands and boasts several rich settlements, The county seat is Nyth Coeden.

Given its location far from the borders, Llynhir is almost 95% Kypiq with a few forest-loving Neran.

The most striking physical aspect of the county is the long, thin lake that extends from north to south, the Llynhir, from which the county gets its name. There are also some rolling hills.

Given the location and racial make-up of the county, living and working there will be an experience of the Kypiq culture and belief system in its purest form: love of the Forest, reverence for life, the joy of peaceful co-existence. Of course, such a community will have its weaknesses, a certain mistrust of that which is not Kypiq, inexperience with the violent, life-taking ways of the biggins.

Guardian Ansir Hawk, whose family has served the Llynhir region for generations, is conservative, a lover of the Old Ways. He oversees the affairs of the county with a light hand, only stepping in if tension is brewing, or a natural calamity threatens.

Guardian Ansir Hawk - Angelica - Valyria - Amberlands - Llynhir

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