Fist of the Empire

Fist of the Empire (FoE) [NA-E]

Our Player Base Includes (but is not limited to): · Irritating, nerve-grating RL military types · “I’m just a girl gamer,” sandbagging types · Masochistic, PvP-addicted serial killer types · Self-loathing, questionable hygiene PvE types · Anti-social spreadsheet humping theorycrafting types · Fringe dwelling, socially inept crazy types · Conceited, protein-slamming, marathon running, BJJ gym rat types · Lonely, broke dorm-dwelling college types · Old-school-is-still-cool Metamucil taking denture wearing types

Even with all of those drawbacks, Fist of the Empire [FoE] has managed to take their highly entertaining drama into numerous games over the past 18+ years. At the moment, we are actively annoying our enemies, (and most of our allies) in prepping for AAU and CoE. We have an intricate organizational structure which gives us a false sense of control in a gaming world gone mad. We acknowledge the efforts of our members and reward/promote them based on their demonstrated commitment to their fellow Guildies; however, should they fail in game (or in life) we are swift with harsh judgments, reprisals, and ridicule.

You must be legal (18+), and Discord with a microphone is required. We are currently looking to add more crazies to our ranks, and YOU (and the voices in your head) would fit in nicely, especially if you have as much of a sense of humor about yourself as we do about ourselves. Everyone is welcome to apply; however, we are mainly seeking PvP-focused players that are guild-first types who approach their limited gaming time in a structured manner and who would enjoy slaughtering anyone not wearing your guild’s tag just because they are there. Also, most of our ranks consist of members who have worn the FoE tag for 5+ years or more. This will be the last guild you'll ever join!

Recruitment Video of Awesome:


Kip from Fist of the Empire

Friend code: 72EC67