Aranor_North Wright_Greenlost County

Your Count has arrived. I shall be residing in the seaside port of Bridgevine Cape. Not sure who my King or Duke are yet, but I am looking forward to meeting you. I have a quaint little seaside hamlet called New Carver and a nice fishing village called Littlepot. I made sure there is a tavern each holding in case anyone gets thirsty.

Here's to my new neighbors and friends.

(Also, don't get attached to those names... I am hoping my submissions get approved.

9/15/2019 6:03:18 PM #1

Hello there thubub, im reaching from Aranor to you on behest the Queen. You can contact us on discord with the most ease via Kingdom Discord we hope to see you soon and are excited to invite more people to our ranks.

9/15/2019 6:45:38 PM #2

Welcome to Aranor and North Wright Thubub!

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