[EU] Barony of Terna

“To go where many have fallen, and stand resolute in their stead.”

Terna CoA

The Barony of Terna has a proud history of reinforcing wherever their help is needed wherever in the country that may be. Rarely first to the battle, but always there to see it through to the end.

Often there to turn a battle in our favour, the most important part afterwards is always to honour those who have fallen and those who were there from the start, as our more supportive groups take to the field to take care of those who still stand.

Terna, home of the Mistletoe

Located in the northernmost parts of county Ariamis and close to the Duchy capital of Gammrhafn, the forces of Terna are in an excellent position to reinforce where needed, as well as being central enough for the Tryggr fighting school, Mistilteinn [link to School post] to thrive.

Barenn Family

Having their roots in the northern parts of the country, the title of Baron was given to the Barenn family long ago due to valour in battles now long forgotten.

Now lead by Caelan Barenn, youngest and as it happens, oldest child of Mer-Tahn Barenn, the family’s goals remain: to keep the kingdom strong by going where we are most needed, and by ensuring that everyone has access to proper training if they want it.

Mistilteinn, the Tryggr fighting school

Grounded in the idea that everyone in the kingdom should be at least skilled enough in combat to defend themselves if need be, the school of Mistilteinn is now also a place for those who want to refine their combat skills, whether with the blade, the bow, or any other weapon.

Farmer or trained soldier, no matter what walk of life you have chosen you are just as welcome at the school as people left untrained are a missed opportunity to bolster the kingdom.

Leaf of Life

As the forces of Terna kept reinforcing fields of battle, the need for a focused group of people, trained in medicine and care became clear. Thus, the Leaf of Life was founded, a group whose members were proficient in saving lives just as well as taking them if need be.

To make all this work I will need a lot of people of all different sorts:








...and so many more different occupations

The most important quality I’m looking for is people with high spirits. With good morale and a strong sense of unity, we can accomplish much.

If you think you’d fit in or have a place here, you most likely will, and if you have any suggestions I’m always open to hear them.

Caelan Barenn, the Baron

Lifelong gamer from Sweden who spends way too much time on D&D and things like it. I’ve been lurking in the CoE community since about two years back at the time of writing this, always present but rarely seen.

Contact You can always reach me on Discord, either via the Tryggr Discord, Turadh Discord, or the Terna Discord, just search for Groundwalker#2691 and you will find me.

I’m typically available during most hours of the day, if not I will respond as quickly as I can.

This post may obviously change as more information is made available about the game, and as our knowledge about it expands.

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