Cameron County [Ashland][Ignis]

County of Cameron

Situated within Ashland along the northern coast of the king's Duchy of Ignis, Cameron is blessed with both a large seaport and multiple branching waterways. With its close proximity to the royal capital and a surplus of natural and mann-made travel routes, Cameron offers quite the opportunity for intrepid merchants, traders, and innkeepers. The natural bounty of the land includes a heavy supply of lumber and substantial wild game while also allowing for large vineyards and apiaries. Fishermenn, sailors, marines, boatsmenn, shipwrights, and all those who look to partake in seafaring and riverborn adventures will find like-minded companions and heavily supportive leadership.

The placement of Ignis, and Cameron within it, should host a large number of travelers and all their interesting interactions, while the sheer depth and breadth of the county will help facilitate quite the diverse amount of playstyles. I'm more than happy to speak with those looking for info or desiring to start an adventure in the region.

9/20/2019 5:50:19 AM #1

Looking forward to many successful ventures with the Halmont's and their new home of Halmore (formerly the settlement of Valor Cove)

9/20/2019 11:48:25 PM #2

A warm (and honey filled) welcome to the family von Leistungsstark and their holdings in Firebloom Apiary (formerly the settlement of Penbourne)

9/21/2019 3:46:17 AM #3

The history between the Hallas family and the line di Cameron is long and storied. With glad heart do we watch their heir take rule of Astoria (formerly the settlement of Ballyowl Acre)

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