Order of the First Rangers of Vornair

The “Order of the First Rangers of Vornair” are looking for a few good scouts to join our order. As of this moment we will be housed in the lands of our great Lord and Protector, Jarl Copin Bälen. We will be experts at hunting and scouting. Our three basic goals are: 1) Serve as scouts for the realm. 2) Hunt down very rare and very valuable beasts/artifacts from across the entire continent. 3) Work as a small elite fighting unit to hunt down bounties. The order will train, house, and equip our members and work as a well trained cohesive unit. Members will have their own autonomy to do as they please as long as their personal interests do not interfere with the Order or the Kingdom, Duchy, and County and will be expected to answer the call when called upon. Our seven basic tenets are: loyalty, honor, courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, and lawfulness. These seven tenets are Non-Negotiable. All income generated by the Order will be distributed equally amongst its members. The exception being, those who have performed admirably in battle and those who have contributed in the running of the Order will be paid bonuses. The Order will consist of somewhere between 20 to 35 active members at all times. What this means is that if you are interested, then you must act quickly as there will be a limited amount of space available. The Order will consist of only members from the Kingdom of Vornair. You can represent different houses or clans but you must be from Vornair. If interested please contact me, Thoren Bjornsson on discord or Adalwulf via the Kingdoms website and The COE community.

Einar Lothbrok “Lidet er om den mans vrede, som ingen vurder.” - “If you cannot bite, never show your teeth." Friend Code: 237B9D