Archeage Unchained Group?

Wondering if anyone is looking forward to playing this. This is suppose to be Archeage with all the P2W taken out. I'm shocked no one is talking about it here as you can control a kingdom, have land, and the game has the best boating mechanics I've seen in a mmo. The game is heavily pvp and crafting focused. This would be a good game to get a kingdom army into and see if you can control sea ports or take over the server.

If anyone does play, I'm playing for sure and would like to join anyone that plays.

9/11/2019 3:11:52 PM #1

I have played Archeage, but once game mechanics are getting changed a way that I begin to feel unwelcome in it, I leave and never look back.

9/11/2019 7:12:30 PM #2

Erzhalden is going to be playing AAU I believe. Hit me up on discord Dakota#8232 if you want to chat about it

9/11/2019 7:18:51 PM #3

I didn't know this existed, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will probably give it a try!

So many good memories before everything went to shit :D I miss my Defiler!

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9/12/2019 5:47:52 AM #4

The Undead Lords will be playing Archeage: Unchained. We have a roster of 60 who RSVPed for launch day. I'm pretty excited to see the turnout now that our Conqueror's Blade campaign is coming to an end.

9/12/2019 12:27:27 PM #5

See you there. Messaged panzer and rohanon but didn’t get a reply

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9/12/2019 12:35:43 PM #6

I'll be trying it out, hopefully with a few friends as well.

9/12/2019 5:32:45 PM #7

They took me for $150 in the original NA Alpha, no way am I giving this studio any more money.

Having Gamigo publish it makes its worse as well, and that's saying a lot considering how badly Trion screwed the pooch.

Will be fun to read about others (mis)adventures though.

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9/12/2019 5:41:54 PM #8

LOVED Archeage however I haven't played in a year haha

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9/12/2019 5:49:00 PM #9

I will try it out, I used to play but never really got far

9/12/2019 6:14:53 PM #10

Posted By Dakota at 3:12 PM - Wed Sep 11 2019

Erzhalden is going to be playing AAU I believe. Hit me up on discord Dakota#8232 if you want to chat about it

You have a group for unchained?

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