[Alesia] Weapons, Airships, and Gadgets (WAAG)

Weapons, Airships, And Gadgets

Behold the center of research for all things war and mechanical! With all the industrial and extra bits leading up to that since it may take a while given starting tech. Regardless! This is what my city, Stormguard, is made for, surrounded by mineral and natural resources and led by me, Stormbringer, all for the very things in the name! Though it will take years we will continue to develop ever greater technology, techniques, and magnificently terrible machines to awe the world with overwhelming power! And cool gadgets. The end goal is of course the greatest creation of all, Airships! Even if it never comes to be I shall continue this journey in the hopes that it will one day, and if it doesn’t, well we’ll probably have made some real cool stuff on the way to burn down a few cities as consolation. But it would be preferable to do it from our Floating Fortress of Doom.

In all seriousness, early research will likely involve some base crafting and material advances. Then more tinkering and engineering, and finally on to serious engines of war and continuing exotic research for fun and hopefully eventual airships. This is not set in stone though considering we still don’t know too much about how it will all work out in practice. Rule of Cool will be taken into account when handing out personal research grants by me, the Count/Mayor/Head of WAAG, so don’t be afraid to dream. These will be in addition to the general supplies provided to the academy as a whole for research and development.

TL:DR - We are with Alesia and Xelias

  • We are research/crafting focused, specifically Industry and Military

  • Providing incentives to schools, researchers, and guilds looking to buy discoveries

  • Free basic tools for early joiners, first come first serve

  • Located in Duchy of Eldask in Alesia

We will be heavily focused on research and development of technology in Elyria. To this end the school/academy will be provided a supply of research materials and discoverers will be compensated/paid. As for other cities and their mayors, they will be given free range to govern and develop so long as they aren’t outright disruptive to the county.

Count of Dragonsfall