6x Mayor Popular Professions

What are the most popular professions that a bloodline or below would spark into or begin with in game. If I wanted to place a 6x mayor down on a settlement, what would be the best professions to pick to attract RL people?


9/9/2019 8:34:07 PM #1

With over 120 professions on the maps - my top 11 that I think most people find interesting are:

  • Alchemist

  • Astronomer

  • Blacksmith

  • Bounty Hunter

  • Cartographer

  • Engineer

  • Innkeeper

  • Mummer

  • Soldier

  • Trader

  • Vinter

These would also be my faves. Cheers!


9/11/2019 7:52:57 PM #2

Physician might be incredibly attractive, depending on the mechanics of healing, but since we all want to live long, healthy lives, it might end up being near the top in attractiveness to players wanting to settle somewhere.

A fence will be incredibly attractive to a certain sort of player. Although your mayor might not be the best choice for the role.

9/11/2019 8:22:11 PM #3

Anyone that has any type of responsibility I always say scribe is the #1 choice. Making contracts is how your city will function without getting cheated. You can get someone else to do it but make sure you trust them.

A gatherings professions are really good to keep the town stocked.

A profession that is normally overlooked in survival-ish type games is cooking. High level cooking in most games provides really good buffs. Having food for different seasons, like food that will keep people warm, wake them up, or keep their energy high could put your town on the map.

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