Any guilds that offer professional services on Luna?

A while back I was casually part of a Ranger guild that offered various professional services to their members. They would put you in contact with guild members that you could hire to help run your kingdom. An Accountant. A game warden. Constable. Innkeeper. Whatever you needed. You joined the guild and they would find someone for you for a fee. I was wondering if any guilds around now offer similar type services?

9/9/2019 3:49:42 PM #1

Yeah, the IX has been around for about 3 years now and still going strong, and we offer exactly that.

We have a vast network spanning from Vornair to Kairos, and we can leverage that network to help you achieve your goals or fulfill any contract.

Count LizenÇace VeLeîjres of Mydra's Crossing, VII of the order of the IX.

Order of IX

9/9/2019 3:57:37 PM #2

Thanks Zimmah. Let me see if I get my county of choice and if so I am definitely interested.

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