(NA-W) County of Dunbriar

County Leadership:

Count Títüs Wíñgætë


King Sev Kimura

Duke Polite Seleücrei

Principles of Dunbriar

While we all wish to enjoy evolving our characters and world of Elyria, we all do so in our own ways, which means we all have our own personal reasons and expectations of the game and who we play with. So when considering Dubriar as the base of operations for you and yours whether an experienced person, or group, or a new gamer overall, some things you should know Dunbriar will focus on are these following items.

  • Adventure
  • Moderately Casual
  • Enjoyment

We all wish to enjoy and have fun while playing games, that's why we play games, It is Dunbriar's prerogative to try to make sure all citizens and gentry of the County enjoy themselves and can expand how they wish to. We intend to spend all our efforts to further this while knowing in doing so that by furthering the people in the county, the county itself will prosper.

County Focus

While we will expand the county to the best our of abilities, we all wish to enjoy playing, ourselves included. To this end, we the county seat - The city Dunmore - will be focusing on several things all for one primary goal. These several things to be focused are as follows.

  • Trade
  • Martial Training
  • General Goods
  • Dojos
  • Blacksmithing
    1. Weapon Smithing
    2. Armor Smithing

These are all for the primary goal to create the greatest colosseum of the world of Elyria. The colosseum will host not only gladiatorial fights but tournaments as well as pulling people from not only all over the kingdom but from the entire world to fight for their honor and become famed for their skill. Will have the prebuilt Arena from the store.


Merchants will be well protected in the county, as we will have a local fort garrisoned and keeping the highways clear of all bandits. The county is compact and thus it will be easier to move between towns quickly.


We crossed into Dunbriar, by land, through a narrow mountain pass. We were home, and as our driver whistled to the ursaphant pulling our wagon, and the wagon’s sturdy wheels knocked against the cobble, I grew a fond appreciation for the month before.

We soldiers were summoned by a duchy officer, onto a campaign south. “...A contingent of a few skilled Dunbriar chosen,” that was what he said. It was from the Duke Ambrosia Seleücrei that our orders were given, and it was by him that our count was imbued his powers. Count Títüs Wíñgætë of the Dunmore Keep decided our selection for the call-to-arms. Such was our honor to be residents of Dunbriar.

Each of us in our company hailed from a different city. Karmalos, from the hermitage of Pinechaste was a swarthy mann—his skin, darkened by long service in the fields under Angelica’s warmth. There, even in that tiny town, Karmalos shared how his training, like all of us in Dunbriar, was completed in a small flattened yard, deemed the settlement’s arena. He’d undergone the martial rigors of learning discipline in the march, to strike a powerful onslaught and parry the incredible volleys from our foes. In Pinechaste, they practiced with rocks. Guran, who was from the village of Greyania, trained in a shaded clearing, with pitchforks in place of spears. Mikala, she hailed from the Town of Longale, where, in a damp arena, she boastfully claimed to have bested twenty of her town’s militia, in a free-for-all. And from the hamlet of Armrest, Quail Torken, or our creature handler, spoke more to the beasts than he did us. Quail’s silence was on account that his uncle gave him a versary monkey in the passing of his estate, and it was with that little monkey he would practice because that was all the martial availability in Armrest. I, from Dunmore’s keep, received the best training, from the large arena in the center of the barony.

The day we were dispatched, like all days, we rose before daybreak and trained in the fanning expanse of the arena grounds. It was there, on that celebrated arena ground, that my grandfather’s blood paid for dynasty’s honorable and landed holdings, and like him, I served in the gladiatorial arts to increase my prestige and renown within the Dunbriar, ducal, and even kingdom-wide fame. Many could reap glory in the arena, but to be called-to-arms was a different contest with greater stakes.

“Tell, Duke Ambrosia Seleücrei, that he can expect my dear Amius to muster the implored might of Dunbriar’s chosen,” proclaimed Count Títüs Wíñgætë, and with a point of his finger, conferred upon me this profound duty—I would earn my name’s glory in service on the battlefield, at least, one of us would. We mustered, as commanded, and in our departure, I met the people for whom our very existence was given meaning as martial leaders of Dunbriar. From Karmalos’s home, I met his mother, a nurse. She was as fearful as most mothers, for her child’s call to battle, but I was able to spar with Guran beforehand. I assured her that his talent alone would bring him home. And with our farewells, we left, toward Greyania. There, Guran was the most eager of the village militia, and what he lacked in equipment, he made up for in technique. I tossed him a spear from the wagon bed and welcomed him aboard. His family gathered to wish his farewells. A prayer for Kedryn’s protection was said over the young man. Gone in a hurry, Guran ushered us when tears welled in his eyes. He urged us to drive the wagon to Longale.

I did not know when that Mikala bested her peers in their scrimmage match, only that I was able to know her peers in the town militia were in terrible shape. Could it have been that she was in constant victorious battles? I did not wish to test it, for her temper seemed to prove her claim all the same.

We finally set out to Armrest to depart Dunbriar, and it was there we acquired Quail and his companion. And thus, fondly, I recall his contribution and that of his family’s in our arrival. We, bring him home, from our journey, to be buried with his kith and kin, and to etch on that eternal stone the service by which his home and kingdom could remember him: By battle hardened, and by battle taken, so do leave Dunbriar’s chosen.


We pride ourselves in being open and honest to our members of our community and thus hope that those in our community will be honest and open to us in return, the key to improvement is always communication, without it things can seem to be okay but not be okay. To this end, I would like to state that this is a late decision to create this county, however, I do not think that it is a bad decision and look forward to working with any and all citizens whether they are gentry or just an average joe.


  • 1 Town
  • 1 Village
  • 2 Hamlet
  • High Neran population
  • Medium Hrothi population
  • Low Kypiq and Brudvir population

  • Keep(County seat, will be a city nearly a capital. Taken but here for information purposes)

The County of Dunbriar Discord

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From what I read, you definitely have your priorities in order Titus. I'm truly happy to call you my neighbor!

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