[NA-E] County of Ebonguard {Alesia}

Welcome to the County of Ebonguard

Who We Are

Ebonguard is a community of experienced friends and gamers from multiple backgrounds, countries, and games who have come together for MMOs. We are a PvX community; however, we will be focusing on PvP and combat primarily, with a secondary focus on commerce and economy to support our PvP habits. We aren't a community focused on rigid structure and rankings, meaning everyone who joins will be on the same footing. You will not be the new member trying to fit in with a group of gamers who have been together for a decade-plus. This also gives us an opportunity to build a group of players who are solely focused on what we want to accomplish.

We are currently playing WoW Classic as a community. Previous games: Black Desert Online ArcheAge Crowfall

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for members who are interested in PvP and PvE of course. We expect our members to be active, helpful, and students of the game. Just because we are focusing primarily on PvP does not mean you need to be a PvPer. We have a structure in place that facilitates both kinds of players. If you want to stick primarily to one or the other, we will support you, but at some time you may be asked to help in other tasks outside of your lane in order to progress the community. To reiterate, PvP-only players will be asked to help in PvE efforts if it is necessary and vice-versa.

-At this time as a county. We have no need for mayors. PvP centric individuals who are gentry or lower is our target audience.
Marketeers, industrialists are welcome. As long as you meet our expectations. The PvP adverse may not find this county to your liking.

Location: We are located in the Duchy of Zylphania. Within the Kingdom of Alesia.

Our Expectations

We play to crush, and we play to have a good time. We are not looking for the childish or emotionally delicate to distract from that. The majority of us are adults- with families, jobs, and lives. We do not expect a 7-day 80+ hr/wk gaming commitment. We do, however, look for active participation. If you are unable to be around due to real-life responsibilities, we understand. If we have community events that require mass participation, we ask that you be there if you are online. We also want our members utilizing VoIP, even if they are muted, during PvP or these events for coordination purposes.


  • There is little censorship within Ebonguard, but be respectful. No racist, doxxing, or threatening remarks.

  • As a community we expect members to have a thick skin. With that being said, no incessant drama or purposely causing problems with fellow members. community drama will not be tolerated.

  • Chat within channels outside of #general should remain on topic. Conversations sometimes deviate from a channel's topic, and that's okay. If it is interrupting a topical conversation and you are asked to move it to the correct channel, respect it.

  • Any concerns or incidents should be reported to me.

Discord Invitation Link Creation of personal discord invitations is currently disabled. However, the following websites will forward directly to the lobby:

Our Discord:

Duchy discord:

Kingdom discord:

9/8/2019 4:33:47 AM #1

As a manner of courtesy, before any questions of such may arise. The County Title that Muhrder shall hold comes from myself. My title is his. I say this should any see the Rank 1 status and question the validity of this thread. It is real and I am happy to see it placed in such capable hands.

9/8/2019 5:04:22 AM #2

Let the chaos begin.

9/9/2019 8:29:50 PM #3

Lol. I appreciate that my future victims in CoE are downvoting this.

It pleases me to offend you. Every downvote is acknowledgement you are my bitch.

Run up.

9/20/2019 12:53:12 AM #4

Growth is going well.

Still willing to accept 1 mayor.

9/22/2019 11:05:39 PM #5

With DSS Selection we have successfully gotten our county we aimed for.

Ebonguard culture is unlike a lot of folks here.

Are you tired of walking on eggshells to appease the sensitivities of a few special flakes of snow?

Do you wish that your foul mouthed dark sense of humor was accepted?

Ebonguard isn't like most of the current communities in CoE. We speak our minds. Tact isn't really a requirement. Our rules outside of discord TOS are few and far between.

Like PvP? We plan to have a lot of content. Like leading PvP raids and combat maneuvers? We foster command leadership and growth through experience. Do you have ideas but you're tired of the pompus whales shouting you down because you didn't spend 10k on CoE? Ebonguard doesn't care and we aren't impressed. We welcome ideas, views, and discussion. Come join the county that allows you to participate without having to have spent thousands.

Afterall. Wallets can't buy competence in the sandbox. :)

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