[NA-E] Oak and Iron Crafters Guild

"Mountains crumble and Forest Fall, it is through Oak and Iron that we forge the world"

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

Craftsman of Elyria stand fast and listen close. Oak and Iron is a guild for artisans such as you. Those that know the cool ring of the anvil and the warmth of wood being shaped. Ones who understand the intricate detail placed in each piece of jewelry or the endless time spent brewing the perfect potion. As with the first fold in a piece of steel we will start small and with each following fold we grow stronger and stronger and with each pass of a chisel on wood, we begin to take shape. Come and join Oak and Iron, be welcomed into the fold and together we will forge this world.


Oak and Iron is a guild for craftsmen of all professions and skill levels. Its headquarters are located in the capital city of Malluencora, County of Hammer’s Fall, where craftsmen are praised for their mastery and opportunities readily available. Infrastructure and finances will be spent to benefit our members. Craftsmen will be supported and fostered within the guild and in return pass on their knowledge to the next generation thereby growing our brand kingdom wide.


It is the goal of Oak and Iron to become the standard of all crafts throughout the kingdom. Our seal will stand as proof of excellence and dependability. Through our network and by working together each craftsman will support the next. A tanner will supply top-notch leather to the armorer and thereby making his product that much stronger or the alchemist creating the best concoction to supply the tanner to treat the catgut that will be used in the bowyer’s masterpiece.


Individual to kingdom-wide will be our backbone and provided us with the means to produce. Being able to fulfill large orders in rapid time without skimping on quality will also be our objective. In time we will be known for our reliability and dependability. After gaining ground and members profits made will be invested into the guild and its members. The guild will work with distributors to purchase resources in bulk for a lower price and passing on those savings to its members if they so choose.


In the beginning, the need will be great and opportunities near limitless. Armies will need to be supplied, guards outfitted, and citizens needs to be met. This will require all-hands-on-deck.

General Crafters:

There will always be a need for a chair, a watering can, and a shovel. General crafters will have access to bulk resources at reduced prices and workstations to fit their need.

Bulk Crafters:

These crafters will work to fulfill large contracted orders and in certain cases have all resources supplied to them. They will be given priority workshop access and supported to the best of our ability.

Master Crafters:

Those that create the finest of all products. Whenever possible the guild will make available various uncommon resources and fully outfitted workshops to better perfect their trade.


Merchant locations will be set up at the closest prevailing market/s and expand as the guild does. Negotiations will be conducted with trade associations to bring in the best prices and get our wares our to the farthest reaches possible.


Those with the desire to learn a trade will be able to sign up for an apprenticeship and be taught by a skilled craftsman. For those who prove themselves truly dedicated will be given the opportunity to apprentice with a master craftsman. The goal is to not only advance but also to pass on the skill.



The leader of Oak and Iron and knowledgeable in all craftsman trades. Responsible for negotiations, contracts, and allocations. Establishes regional headquarters and appointment of regional leaders among other duties.

Council of Masters-

Given the title of “Master of (specific skill)”. One individual who has proven themselves dedicated and skilled in their craft will act as representative for members of the same skill. Will act as a negotiator, ensure contracts are fulfilled and see that the needs of the members are taken care of. Tasked with the advancement and prosperity of that skill among other duties.

Regional Leaders-

Trusted members tasked with the responsibility of a regional office. They will ensure standards are maintained in quality and local dealings. Among other various duties, the regional leader will be responsible for maintaining a merchant stall and resource backstock when available.



An individual who is seeking admission to the guild. Varying degree of skill and usage.


An individual who is seeking apprenticeship within a certain skill. Usually someone of basic skill level seeking guidance and training in a chosen skill. Usually assigned with the easier tasks and keeping the workshop functional.


The general membership of the guild. Skilled craftsman that can accomplish a wide variety of assignments and request. They can occupy various positions and provide a wide variety of merchandise.


Highly skilled, reliable, and dedicated craftsman who have proven their mastery. These individuals are experts in their chosen field and produce the highest quality of items. They can also be tasked with journeyman work if the need arises. Those who choose to take on apprentices are elevated above other masters and may receive additional perks.

Message from the Founder

The statements made above have been made in earnest. I fully understand that without a full understanding of game mechanics specific aspects may not be possible, but it is my absolute hope to build a strong and legendary guild that will be known throughout the kingdom for its excellence and reliability. I hope you will join me in building this legacy


If you are interested in becoming a member of Oak and Iron, would like more information or are just looking to build an early relationship you can contact us on our Discord

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