[NA-E] Duchy of Acrium, Ministry of Justice.

Prime Positions:

Director of Port Authority: Responsible for overseeing and management of the customs organization for Acrium, specifically in the main port city of Azmar. The Director will enforce imports and exports of goods as well as providing peace officers for the merchant’s districts, docks, warehouses and work with the militia and other law enforcement to provide security for shipments.

Chief Justice: The head of the court system works closely with the Justice Minister, which will oversee the court system and distribution of justices to the lower courts. They are also the primary judge for the highest court, in charge of the judicial branch of government. (interpret the letter of the law)

Head of the Legislature: This position will involve heavy diplomacy. They will oversee the legislative session and productively discuss the creation of laws. Lesser positions: (Open to Counts and above, citizens by appointment. Apply!) The legislative body is comprised of nobles (Count and above) and citizens who’ve either been appointed or earned the right to represent their region. The nobility and citizenry will work together to establish community laws. If there is a dispute over the interpretation of the laws, they will work with the courts and the duke to come to a general agreement.

Legislative Member, a representative of the people. These members are responsible for taking the concerns of their residents to the legislative session. (holding town halls, resolving local land disputes, etc., then taking say a tax proposal to their peers for debate and review.) These members should already be embedded and invested in their local communities, to properly represent them.

Judges, Prosecutors and Public Defenders: (Open to citizens with an interest in public service, can lead to greater opportunities) Regional and Duchy judges, Attorneys and Public Defenders would help to either prove guilt, prove innocence or interpret crime and punishment.

Special investigator: Works with the Prosecutor’s office to investigate crimes and gather evidence. The state will not provide investigators for the defense, which must be privately funded.

Deputies and law enforcement (guards) Deputies will be appointed by mayors to lead the law enforcement for their community. The guards in settlements will be responsible for enforcing peace and arresting and detaining those accused of crimes. The deputy will also work with investigators to determine guilt or fault for an accused crime. Guards will also patrol and keep the citizens safe from crime (PVP protection in settlements.)

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