Class Highlight:

"Right, now for practical study!"

With a snap of his fingers, the trio suddenly appears on a fast traveling trolley. The wheels clank with each new track piece, the little bell is ringing frantically overhead, and several senior citizen passengers are crapping themselves in terror.

Amicus: "Alright Astrid, here we go! We are on a out of control trolly in downtown San Francisco. It's a bright sunny day, you can see the pedestrians and cars dodging frantically out of our way. It would be absolutely beautiful if it weren't for the fact that your grandmother just happens to be standing on the track five minutes down!"

"Hello Astri! You want a cookie?" Grandmother waves from down the street.

"The only thing that can stop this trolly is the brake lever, but it is jammed. Roll a d20 (again) to pull the lever and RP the outcome."

Astrid van MauveToday at 4:29 PM Astrid's eyes widen. She steps up to the front of the trolley and looks around the brake lever to see if anything is jamming it. !d20

JanetBOTToday at 4:29 PM 13/20

Amicus, The GuardianToday at 4:30 PM Amicus' phone rings and texts him the roll. "Oh! A difficult one. This is gonna be fun." Goes over and takes a seat next to the screaming old guy.

"I'd get out of the way, sweetheart, but my walker is stuck in the track! Ah well!"