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The Solaris National Stock Index (SNSI) aims to provide a kingdom-wide stock exchange for capital investment into player owned businesses. This will also allow businesses to expand their sites or increase their available inventory by obtaining further capital in exchange for shares of their company. All financial transactions will be through SNSI or affiliated financiers to ensure secure and efficient trade. The financial transaction records will be kept in forms of contracts that both parties (investors and business owners) will sign upon successful completion of an agreement.


Guild Structure:

SNSI is headquartered in the City of Azmar, the capital of the Duchy of Acrium, within the Solaris Confederation. There are two groups within the guild: Investors and Business Owners.

The Investors provide available capital to the businesses that they seek to invest in. The investors can invest in any business they wish to inside the kingdom, provided the business is participating in the program or want to join. Additionally, the investors are able to invest from any official guild location. They can only invest using the official kingdom currency and they can obtain the information about any of the businesses they wish to invest however they are able to. There will also be some on-site information available about businesses that are actively participating, however please note that information will not be a complete list of information. It is primarily left up to the investor to acquire the information they need in order to make a decision regarding investment. The investor can hold the stock or sell the stock on the market and after it is sold get the current market price of the stock based on the business valuation and demand of the stock.

The business owners are the direct recipients of the capital from the investors. Businesses are never required to give out any information about their business, but once the agreement is signed, they are bound by contract to respect the voting rights and shareholder rights assigned to the investor by SNSI (established through the agreement between the business and SNSI). Although businesses are not required to give out information, it may prove useful for the business to give some information if they wish to seek funding. Once the agreement is signed and the capital is received by the business owner, they are free to use that funding in any way they see fit to better their business. Once they receive funds, they will be required to file real life time monthly reports to show how the business is progressing and provide consumer protection by not allowing the business owner to just take the money and go bankrupt.

Guild Goals:

The goal of the SNSI is to be engine behind driving economic prosperity in Solaris by connecting capable and willing investors with business owners in need of funds to expand their business or gain additional inventory. We expect that most businesses will need some financial support at times, and we aim to be the sole provider to help connect that business to available funds. The more people who are in the network, the more opportunities there will be for everyone! Ultimately, we are working towards connecting everyone together.

Guild Pricing Guide:

To be determined when better information is released.

Guild Policies:

In keeping with Solaris policies and laws, all companies and investors are expected to provide accurate information on transactions and stock pricing/values; misinformation or illegal practices are punishable by Solaris law. The following guild policies are set forth to ensure fair trading and competitive pricing, as well as, superior quality of service. Please note, the guild reserves the right to add or change the policies at any time.

Below is a current list of the guild policies:

  • POLICY #1 - All trades are final, there will be no issuance of refunds for failed ventures or loss of economic value.
  • POLICY #2 - All trades must go through an official SNSI location (and have an official SNSI contract of the recorded sale) in order to have access to SNSI support and services.

How does it work?

The Confederation of Solaris will be developing a kingdom-wide standard currency, which will be used to help facilitate the capital investment agreements. The standard currency will be the base unit for all trades in an effort to help stabilize investments and business valuations. Companies interested in joining the stock exchange will have to sign a contract with the SNSI that states their opening values, stock amounts, and agrees to the laws as provided by the Solaris Confederation.

In each trade, there will be two contracts.

In the event of a new stock sale:

  • The first contract is between SNSI and the business owner. The business shares are being sold to SNSI and SNSI deals directly with the business owner to recoup payment if the contract is breached.
  • The second contract will be between SNSI and the investor. The shares SNSI bought from the business owner will then be contractually transferred to the investor. At no time will the investor have to deal directly with the business owner and vice versa.

In the event of an established stock sale:

  • The first contract will be between the original investor and SNSI. The new contract essentially states that the original contract between the investor and SNSI is null and void and that the original investor has no claims to the shares held by SNSI for the original share purchase.
  • The second contract will be between the new investor and SNSI. This contract transfers the shares held by SNSI to the new investor. The payment for the shares will be received from the new investor and given to the original (old) investor.

The initial value of a stock at the time of sale will be determined by the total value of the business it represents. If the business is valued at (let’s use gold in this example) 1,000 gold to start up and 1,000 stocks are being sold, each stock should cost 1 gold. As the company expands and acquires assets and makes profits, the total value of the company will grow and the stock value will increase in accordance. If the company is worth 2,000 gold, the stocks will be worth 2 gold each. Whenever the stockholder wants to sell their stock, they can place it for sale on the market. If anyone else wants to buy it, they can purchase it for the current market value by signing a contract with SNSI that passes all responsibilities and claims of the original contract from the original stockholder to the new stockholder. The business owner will not be involved in legacy stocks being sold on the market, only the original and new investors.

Benefits of joining the SNSI:

The benefits of joining the SNSI for both the investors and business owners are very clear: the extra available opportunities to grow your business or capital by connecting the business with available resources. As a member of the SNSI, you will be privy to a list of available business owners and investors to help connect you to the available resources you are in need of. Additionally, you will get discounts on SNSI services, as well as, you are available for other future perks through SNSI (TBD upon more game information).

Expectations of Members:

Members are expected to adhere to any local laws and guidelines regarding currency exchange and contracts. Although it will be posted on-site (as much as possible given game mechanics), it is solely up to the individual member to make sure they are abiding by all regulations and laws. SNSI will provide record keeping for transactions, however, members are responsible for keeping up with their own records in case of disputes.

How to Join:

We are excited that you are interested in joining SNSI!! Please stop by the official SNSI Discord channel and request to join by talking with one of the leaders or owners:

SNSI Discord

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