[Vornair] Marines of the Steel Curtain

Marines of the Steel Curtain

  • Founded by Sir Frederick Jahn I, the baron's grandfather. (Backstory will be added at a later date.)
  • Stationed at Fort Pitt in the Grand County of Delgora, Grand Duchy of The Rhynelands, Kingdom of Vornair.
  • Serve as waterway security and amphibious warfare specialists.
  • It is the duty of a Marine to learn how to fight and to uphold the security of Fort Pitt and the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Vornair as a whole.
  • A Marine is expected to patrol the waterways surrounding the Fort and support their King in warfare.
  • Entry into the marines is not an easy task but will reward you with a plethora of skills. -There are many steps to achieving/gaining the rank of Marine, requiring years of training. The steps towards achieving the rank of marine starts with training as a Recruit in order to become a Marine of the Steel Curtain.


  • Commandant: Head of the Marines of the Steel Curtain (It has been customary for the Baron of Fort Pitt to lead the Marines of the Steel Curtain.)
  • Lieutenant Commandant: Second in command of the Marines of the Steel Curtain. Entrusted to the most loyal of the Commanders. Chief adviser, Chief administrator and acting substitute Commandant as needed. Also oversees the training of marines.
  • Justiciar: Chief lawyer and legal adviser. Also serves as judge to all disputes within the Marines of the Steel Curtain.
  • Marshall: In charge of recruiting and public relations.
  • Marine Officer: Has command of all ranks below him on the battlefield. Issues orders that comes down from their Commander.
  • Sergeant: Highly trained warriors that have demonstrated superior skills and will be recommended for special assignments.
  • Marine: A warrior who has passed initial training in the war academy. Responsibilities will include river security and all lawful orders.
  • Recruit: individuals who show skills required to become a Marine. Will start education and basic warrior training.

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