Porta Inferni: The Line In The Sand....

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_ Porta Inferni _


COUNT: Count Logan Morgen- Lyutsifer

County: Porta Inferni Formally Gartarch

DUCHY: Sanctaphandri

KINGDOM: Ashland


Desired Biome/Location: Border County in a Forest/Mountainous area.

Desired Tribe(s): Brudvir, Nerran

County Capital: City of Hound’s Tooth

Type of Game Play: Role Play, Player Vs. Player, & Player Vs. Environment

Primary Focus: Count: The primary purpose of this community is to be a Military Shield wall to protect
our Duke and Kingdom.

If you do not desire to be part of the Military-Industrial Complex, then you can live peacefully and help by feeding the machine through taxes and resources.

Secondary Focus: Farming, Production, Crafting, Etc.

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Introduction: Porta Inferni is a Military County, (Player Vs. Player), PVE Settlement

Greetings! Welcome to The County of Porta Inferni. I hope that you find the information provided here, useful in deciding whether or not you wish to begin your life within Porta Inferni. It is only fair to inform you that this county is named Hell’s Gate for a reason. We will actively serve as a barrier protecting the Kingdom of Ashland and the realm of The Grand Duke Polite of Sanctaphandri. You are welcome to live in peace and pursue the life path of your choice but be forewarned either you serve, or you support those who serve. The peace you enjoy must be earned with the sword or with the share plough. When Porta Inferni was first founded, it was imagined to be a mining town that would house those who wanted to live the simple life of the pickaxe and the forge. As a simple mayor, peace is all I wanted but as time passed, I heard the rattling of swords and the heavy thuds of the Drums of War. As Kings and Dukes rattled their Sabers, I knew I had to do more. Porta Inferni is now a Shield Wall County. Those who wish to live in peace will be able to do so but those who wish to stand and protect will be rewarded.

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Government Structure

The following structure we will be using to govern the county is a modified Feudalist Government. All topics are open for discussions and all voices will be heard. All solutions and suggestions will be weighed and measured but at the end of the day the Count will make all final decisions.

Citizenship Levels

Below you will find the different levels of Citizenship: Each level of Citizenship will have its own rewards.

Level 1a: Non-combative Citizen- You are allowed to rent a home and live your life according to
County rules and regulations. Taxed at the normal level.

Level 1b: Non-Combative Trade Citizen- You are allowed to rent a home, rent space for a shop and live your life according to County rules and regulations. Taxed at the normal level.

Level 1c: Non-combative Agriculture Citizen- You are allowed to rent a home and request a parcel of land which you will provide a portion of your crops to theCount for payment. Also, you will be allowed to live your life according to County rules and regulations. Taxed at the normal level.

Level 2a: Conscripted Citizen- A Conscripted Citizen who desires the life of an adventurer, wants time to explore the land, but to also have a place to call home will receive the following benefits a conscripted citizen will receive:

  1. A home in Capital at a reduced rental rate
  2. Pay lower taxes.
  3. Receive a wage from the County.
  4. Be able ask for aid from the County
  5. Benefit from security forces distributed around the County

Level 2b-c: Conscripted Citizen Agriculture- A Conscripted Agriculturalist who desires the life of a farmer or tradesperson will receive the following benefits

A Conscripted Agriculturalist will receive:

  1. 1 Parcel of land from the County
    1. Pay Lower taxes
  2. Purchase extra Parcels of land from the County if they are able to demonstrate that they have the funds and materials for healthy growth. 4. Request for loans from the Count to grow their business. (Loan interest rates will apply)
    1. Be willing to sell 50% of their product to the county (Create a revolving source of revenue for the citizen)
    2. Benefit from security forces distributed around the County

Level 3: Non-combative Mayor- A Non-Combative Mayor will be allowed

  1. To run a town
  2. Sell at least 50% of their product to the County
  3. Petition to purchase extra parcels of land at the going parcel rate.
  4. Benefit from security forces distributed around the County.
  5. Pay taxes at the normal rate

Level 3a: Conscripted Mayor: Conscripted Mayors will be allowed

  1. Maintain a Militia in their town
  2. Petition to purchase extra parcels at a discounted rate
  3. Request for infrastructure support
  4. Request improvement for the surrounding area
  5. Sell at least 40 % of their product to the County
  6. Pay a discounted Tax rate
  7. Benefit from security forces distributed around the County
  8. Receive extra parcels for their settlement once they have established a militia.

Level 4: Guild Master/Industry Leader- Guild Masters/Industry Leaders will receive

Once a Guild Master or industry leader has demonstrated that they have the means and ability to establish their organization in my County they will receive:

  1. A Guild Hall or Building as a headquarters for their operation.
  2. Pay a discounted rental rate for said structure
  3. Pay reduced taxes on business transitions.
  4. Write contracts that establish direct work for hire for the County
  5. Be allowed to establish schools
  6. Charge fees for Guild memberships
  7. Purchase land and build a home in the Council Member portion of the Capital

Level 5: Council Member: The benefits of this level of citizenship will be individually determined based on what each council member plans to do in the County.

Level 6:Barron/Baroness: The benefits of this level of citizenship will be individually determined based on what each council member plans to do in the County.

Foras (Outsider): Foras will be allowed to live within the County with no fear of harm or reprisal if they are able to adhere to the following rules.

  1. Pay taxes (Taxes will be 10% higher than a normal citizen.)
  2. Adhere to County Rules.
  3. Do not interfere in County business.
  4. Do not attempt to build a Hamlet, Town, City, or larger during Exposition.

I do not mind Foras living in my County. If you choose to do so, please be mindful that if you attempt to purchase large swaths of parcels without talking to me first or a member of the council, you will face consequences. Attempting to build large cities, farming structures, or any other endeavors without consulting me will initiate a military response if you are a Foras. We may not be able to seize your Ancestral Lands but understand that your purchased parcels will be seized through force, you will be unable to participate in any business in the county, and your Ancestral Land will be under constant watch. It is better to be a citizen than a Foras!

County Positions:


Count: Logan Morgen- Lyutsifer

Baroness: Unna Morgenstern- Mistress of Hound & Hoof Responsible for all Porta Inferni’s breeding stock, including but not limited to, Mounted Beasts and Guard Animals.

Reports directly to the Count.

Inner Gate Council

The Gilded Fist: (War General/Barron)- 1 position open- Reports to the Count or Baroness

Inner Gate Council: (Advisors) 4 positions open

Noblemen and Noblewomen

Warhounds: (Garrison Leader)- 4 positions open

The Hidden Blade: Court Assassins and Spies: Several open positions

The Rock: (County Magistrate)- 1 position open- Sheriff of the lands

The Hard Place: (Bounty Hunter Guild Leader)- 1 position Open

Tax Collector: Pending in-game data

The Devil’s Due: (Master of Trade) Pending in-game Data

The Tarnished Shield: (Count’s Bodyguards)- several positions open

County Positions Open for Recruitment

• Mayor Slot: 4 Slots Open

• Count Funded Farmer: 10 Slots open (Non-Combative Citizens that work for the County and receive full Benefits)

Military Positions

(These Positions will come with certain benefits that will be discussed when you apply)

• Kennel Keepers: (Watch Patrol)- several positions open

• Hounds of War: (Calvary)- several positions open

• The Hounds Men: (Animal Tamers, Trainers, Keepers) Reports to the Baroness- Several open positions

• Cerberus’s Bite: (Ranged Combat) )- Several positions open

• Lucifer's Fire Brigade: (Siege Engineers and Alchemist)

• Morgen’s Blades: (Soldiers)- Several positions open

• Further positions will be added when more game data is released

If combat or PVP is something you are aiming for and what you want to do is not on this list, then please DM me and propose your idea.

*Future Jobs to come pending in-game mechanics releases.

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Porta Inferni Laws:

Porta Inferni will follow the laws of Ashland and The Royal Duchy of Sanctaphandri.

• All legal issues that pertain to priests and the Inner Gate Council will be overseen by the Count.

• All legal issues pertaining to the Nobility will be overseen by the Gilded Fist and the Inner Gate Council.

• All legal issues pertaining to the Citizenry will be overseen by The Rock.

Laws (Pending in Game Mechanics Release)

Communicate: Respectfully to friend and foe.

Do not shit-talk people in channels, voice or text: We are all here to play games and we are all here to have fun, so make it more enjoyable for everyone in this community and don't be an ass. Perfect harmony is not expected, personalities will clash, just maintain a level head. We earn respect by giving respect in all venues of communication.

Loyalty: You are free to associate with who you like, but do not forget where your loyalties lie. (Any aristocrat i.e. mayor/baron or above whether in our kingdom or another, is not allowed dual citizenship. dual citizenship is for everyone below aristocrats. This only applies to NA-W For example, if you are part of the NA-E Kingdom as a duke, you are still completely fine to be in Ashland on any level

Speak Up: Do not let a fight, misunderstanding, or other issue fester into drama and petty attacks, and instead strive to bring a clear and final resolution to the problem before it escalates. Try to resolve the situation on your own, but if you believe you are being bullied, harassed, or mistreated by anyone in the community, regardless of their title, you should absolutely bring it up to a Moderator or Duke. Inflammatory subjects: Do not, do not, do not talk about real-life politics or religion. It is the wrong platform. If you are so bound and determined to speak about political issues online, then go to a political blog or news site. The same goes for religion. We are here to game, not make our lives more stressful. (Applies especially to present-day politics, but does not apply to in-game politics and religion

Punitive Action: Ashland trusts and relies upon all its citizens and expects its citizens to reciprocate. Any Ashland citizen who violates or dishonors the Codes, or otherwise transgresses against the Kingdom, may be punished by the King at his discretion.

Law of the Foras: Foras have one right and one right alone! They are allowed to live in peace and are mandated to live by the code of the land. If they break the law, there will be no litigation, no trial, there will be exile and possible death. All accusations of breaking the law or violations of contracts will be decided with a fair trial by the ruling council above. All citizens will be treated with respect and will not be discriminated against for real-life situations or traits. (Please keep in mind this is a Role-Play themed County, In Character (IC) confrontations, are approved, however, Out of Character (OOC) drama will not be tolerated.)

County of Porta Inferni Discord

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Please feel free to contact me in Discord by clicking on the picture above or drop a message here!

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