So it's finally time to join the crowds.

Well I've been kind of sitting back and watching. Telling myself I'd pick stuff and get to know people once I was in game, because I suffer anxiety and this whole everything makes me nervous. I think though it's time I join the Discord ( I do that? can't seem to find an idiot)...and it's time I start asking questions and seeing about what area I'll be residing in and what tribe fits best for that I have connections and people can help me keep up with everything going on. It's all been a bit (a bit? try a lot!) overwhelming.

None of them out right show a strength for ranch life (Breeders and all that sort). Like they talk about being hunters, or super strong, but no one of them outright says, these guys are big on animals....that I've noticed. I fully admit I could have missed it somewhere.

I have never been a combatant type like my husband. I do it on MMOs because it's what you have to this game really appealed to me, and unfortunately I've been unable to purchase a package of my desires, but that is ok! I work with what I've got.

So ya'll have been around longest and have had a stronger idea of what's going on. I keep leaning towards the Brudvir...but if there are like wild boar types in the game. That is what I would love to focus my breeding on....but I'm not positive they'd be in tundra like conditions....but at the same time there is a Canis I keep leaning towards the Brudvir but holding back from any solid decisions which keep me from joining the community and getting too attached before I know where I'm going so to speak.

8/31/2019 8:18:17 PM #1

If Brudvir is what you're looking for, you're looking at the Kingdom of Aranor's area.

Aranor Discord Link

8/31/2019 8:53:14 PM #2

Here is the general Angelica discord link.

Divide et Impera

8/31/2019 9:01:22 PM #3

Well agriculture is supposed to be the primary aspect of work life in the grasslands biome. So i would reckon find a home in the Neran grasslands biome. I know of a count whos intent is to focus on animal breeding in the grasslands on NA-E Luna(No it isint me)

8/31/2019 9:52:42 PM #4

Discord can be launched through the browser, which can be achieved by simply clicking on any discord link. Though you may want to download the more dedicated application eventually.

Brudvir and Janoa are probably the most hunting focused tribes, one being in the tundra of the north, and the other in the jungle in the south. Janoa in particularly have a culture that almost entirely revolves around hunting.

Feel free to join any of the channels in my signature, even if it's just to help answer questions and direct you to the discord groups that might be relevant for you, no need to feel obliged to stick to us. Just happy to help. :3

9/1/2019 2:07:25 PM #5

Loads of helpful tips here, Im just here to say. Welcome Seiena. I will go for horse breeding my self, and do some exploring. Could not get the pack I wanted either. But with two working hands and half working head I make do;)

Im An Alderman in the Duchy of Thorne. The Settlement is Monthook Hill on the map. We need Farmers, Woodworkers, Lumberjacks, Minstrels, Animal trainers etc. Discord; Lhewlon#7487 /Lhew Friend code D47119

9/1/2019 10:01:22 PM #6

Thank you everybody! The information provided has been extremely helpful! I will take another look at the Neran! Also I appreciate the help with the Discord channels! I will definitely be joining the general for Angelica and seeing where I go from there! Thank you so so much for all the assistance and hints!

9/2/2019 12:00:11 AM #7

Chronicles of Elyria Main Discord

Kingdom of Ashland Discord

Kingdom of Ashland Post

Kingdom of Aranor Discord

Kingdom of Aranor Post

Kingdom of Blackheart Discord

Kingdom of Blackheart Post

Kingdom of Riftwood Discord

Kingdom of Riftwood Post

I have only posted discords I'm in. I'm not really familiar with Riftwood all that much, but they aren't bad eggs as far as i know. Feel free to stop by Ashland if you're looking around!


9/2/2019 1:10:45 PM #8

i will add something a bit different to whats been mentioned as dss maps are currently up on the website.

1) identify which tribes are good at breeding and taming.

2) chk which biomes those tribes thrive in (even if they do manage to do well in other biomes)

3) use the DSS map atm which adminstrators are selecting thier zones.. use that map to peruse thru the different settlements in those biomes ur shortlisted tribes thrive and see which have ur professions as the top profession or notable profession.

4) chk adjoining settlements to that settlement.. get a feel on what the abundance of the type of breeding or trainable animals could be and the potential market access via roads to places to sell them be.

5) shortlist - make notes on the hamlet/village/town is in what county and duchy of what kingdom.

6) once u have a list of potential settlements in the biomes(see 2).. u can then maybe decide if u want to start ur adventure when game goes live or if u have expo access wait for expo.

7) also keep eye on store sales for the type of training or breeding items if they come up. it just helps give u a bit of a headstart rather than have it crafted in game and u purchasing the tools from a npc merchant or trapper in game .

hope that helps <3

9/4/2019 12:59:07 AM #9


the town of Bördig will focus on Breeding exclusivly :)

9/4/2019 3:31:07 AM #10

We have a county of horse breeders in Ashland. Run by the Morgansterns. Good folks.

9/6/2019 11:53:01 PM #11

Seiena, if you're looking for breeding and taming focus, the county I'm a part of in Blackheart has plans to focus on the breeding and taming of many creatures. The largest focus being on larger cat breeds (tigers and such) and we're a (mostly unless necessary) PvE group. We also have people who want to work on crafting professions such farming, smithing, jewelcrafts, taming and breeding. We're not a large group but would welcome you with open arms. Please, feel free to message me any time and I can direct you to our discord. :)

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9/6/2019 11:59:58 PM #12

great that people are already recruiting.


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