[EU/Demalion/Terenia] Palefreivere - Horse breeders Guild


House Baiulivius has long served the nobility of Terenia serving primarily as bailiffs, sheriffs and keepers of the keys ensuring that the keep and the residents of the castle are safe and secure whilst executing the decisions of a court. It was whilst performing the duty of serving summonses, orders, and executing all warrants issued out from court that the house developed its affection with the noble steed.

House Baiulivius was not divided but has diversified to ensure that only the finest horses were made available to the branch of the family executing their historical duties to the court. The house has expanded its offering of the best bred horses in Lyanthea further, providing the nobility of Terenia with only the finest thoroughbred horses the kingdom has to offer.

This branch of the family took their love for their horses and desires to breed the finest steeds out to the countryside and procured a parcel of land outside of Tenarath, Capital to the Duchy of Terenia, where they quickly established one of the best stud farms the kingdom has seen, they called this farm Palfreferme.

Word spread far and wide of the quality of the horses reared by House Baiulivus on Palfreferme and soon they were called upon by nobility from neighbouring duchies to supply them with only their finest horses. It had become apparent that the Palfreferme breed was sought after and that the family had become masters of their craft and so it transpired that they formed Palefreivere - The guild of horse breeders.

The guild has been formed so that all of the knowledge gained by House Baiulivius over the many decades of supplying the finest thoroughbred horses to the nobility of Terenia and neighbouring duchies can be shared and used to further develop the honorable craft of horse breeding.

Our mantra

“Pure of thought, pure of deed, always produce the purest breed.”

Our aim:

To keep the art of breeding horses at the highest possible level through sharing the best practices with all who wish to learn and become practitioners of the craft.

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