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Hey you!

Who me?

Yes, you. Are you tired of the same old pitch from other duchies? Best armies, best tribes, best whatever hook will work? If you are then come to Ulvemåne, we make no fancy promises of the best anything. We are simple honest folks who will work together to see each of us succeed. We are a community built on solidarity and trust. We are small but offer many opportunities from counts down to adventurers.

Our duchy has caves to explore, rivers to cross, and minerals to excavate. We have small counties to give that homey feel, but large enough for those adventurous menn to wander out and start their own hamlet.

Come visit Ulvemåne today and see how we can help your dreams come true.

Ulvemåne, the small duchy with a big heart!

Current Counties

Villskogen (Wild Woods) - Home of the Diplomatic Hertuginne (double county)

Blodevle (Blood River) - Home of the Valiant Jarl, Jax Eidene and the Voktere Order

Kolglais (Cold Water) - Home of the Alchemist Jarl, Kaeolin Kolbeck (double county)

Norra Mark - Home of the Brave Jarl, Torgar Reaper (double county)

Snovale (Snow Valley) - Home of the Merchant Jarl, Klaus Snovinter (4x county)

Uldam - Home of the Honorable Jarl, Alamor Felde (triple county)


We will be placing in the duchy currently named New Moon Ridge in the eastern portion of Vornair. We are a small duchy with many simple double settlement counties. This allows counts to better oversee their vassals as well as giving adventurous gentry the opportunity to find and begin their own hamlets. Our lightly populated domain will allow many the opportunity to play the dance of dynasties as they forge their legacy from hamlet to larger communities.


The Hoyradet will be the governing body of Ulvemåne, comprised of the Jarls (Counts) of the Duchy as well as individuals selected by the Hertuginne to serve as overseers of various aspects of Duchy management. Each member of the Hoyradet will have voting rights which can help mold the direction of the Duchy.


As our Ulevmåne is Viking esque in its theme the titles used will be Norwegian in origin

Hertuginne - Duchess

Jarl - Count

Thane - Baron

Freyr/Freya - Mayor

Hoyradet members - Vikomte

Duchy Military

Our military will be known as the Voktere Order. The Order is currently being designed, if being a member of the military interests you, join our community now to help define the Order.

Dame Krigere

The Hertuginne's own personal band of shield-maidens. These women will be the trusted defenders who stand beside the Voktere under the direct supervision of the Hertuginne.

Why and How Should I Join

This is a great time to join the Duchy as we are still developing our policies allowing new members to help direct the focus of the community and subcommunities.

If you are interested in discussing making Ulvemåne your home, please visit our discord and speak with our Hertuginne.

Click here for the Ulvemåne Discord

Duchy of Ulvemåne

8/20/2019 8:26:12 PM #1

Now that maps are released we can discuss our plans a bit more in detail. If you are interested, please stop by our discord.

Duchy of Ulvemåne

8/25/2019 12:26:49 PM #2

We still have many count spots available. While we look unimpressive on the map, come check us out and see how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Mayors, gentry, and adventurers also welcome!! Ulvemåne has room for everyone, on a limited basis.

Duchy of Ulvemåne

8/29/2019 1:22:01 PM #3

We have a lovely delving town available to a mayor who wishes to be Hrothi. It has the necessary courthouse to be upgraded to a city. The city of Gartbucket Arch is located within my County of Villskogen. River access isn't far on either side of the delving.

Tribes - Hrothi, Brudvir, and Neran

Estimated Wealth - Rich

Resources - wood, stone, game, foraging, farmland, caves, mineral deposits, sand, and trade routes.

Size - 29-40 parcels Estimated Population - 63-86

Top Professions: Miner Trader Warrior Merchant Potter

Duchy of Ulvemåne

8/30/2019 10:38:40 AM #4

As the counts of Ulvemåne increase their holdings more towns are becoming available for mayors interested in living the Viking Brudvir life.

We are small but we are a family. We will all work together to see all of our citizens succeed and build their legacy.

Duchy of Ulvemåne

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