Where should I go? What should I do?

I haven't been as active as I once was on these forums and have completely lost what I should have been doing.

I have pledged Count when the kickstarter first went up, but I have not chosen and lands or anything since then. Only have chosen this server. You know, real life and family gets in the way sometimes.

So here I am, looking to try to figure out what to do, and scouring the forums for any information I can get for the steps that need to be taken.

Though I'll be on here most of the day looking and trying to figure it out, any help would be great. Anyone that's looking for a Count for their county please let me know. I'm familiar with some of the names and have talked to people before. Other than the messages I have in my inbox from those conversations, I really don't remember much of what was talked about in discords and such.


8/7/2019 5:01:01 PM #1

Welcome back!

I recommend reviewing the kingdoms on Angelica forums and see which ones feel like a good fit. Then maybe join their discords and chat up folks to see if there is a connection. Most all of the kingdoms have a forum post with their information and outlook so that's worth a review as well.

Once you narrow it down to a kingdom or two, review the duchies that are recruiting and see if their plans fit with yours. From there, make relationships and connections with folks who could end up being your neighbors and/or vassals.

The wiki is a good source of deep diving on info, and it is largely up to date. Searching the forums can be an exercise in frustration so using the wiki and in-kingdom or in-duchy resources might be more effective.

That should get you started and take a day or two. :)

8/15/2019 11:18:58 PM #2

Very soon you shall see a map regarding the resources, and layout of the map for our server, as well as which domains will be owned by which kingdoms and duchies. Until this happens selecting a kingdom or duchy to reside in is pretty much solely roleplay. If you want you can jump into discord with Drakeolm Duchy and discuss your goals for the game, how you intend to play CoE, and what kind of county you want to build for yourself, and we can connect you with people of similar goals.

but you should know the word of Myrkul. The dark one. The devourer of souls, and bringer of salvation. He requests your worship and undying loyalty, and in return he shall return you to undeath, else he shall consume your mortal souls and damn you to an eternal hellscape. PRAISE MYRKUL! PRAISE THE LORD OF BONES!

9/2/2019 12:21:46 PM #3

welcome back to game . since you have a count pledge i would say ask if any kingdoms will let u join thier discord.. chk thir chats and see thier maturity or naivetee lvls .. shortlist one or two kingdoms... then chk the dukes and duchess within that kingdom.. and figure out which duchy u want to be part of.

if time is short and u havnt made up ur mind or made contacts... chk thecontinent map and chk out various counties on ur own. shortlist some of them. ask in discord if anyone is from that kingdom/duchy.. talk to them.. see if u like what they say .. more importantly ask for access to their discord .. scroll some 4-7 days earlier and see the type of talk to see if they are type of peeps u want to above u in game.

in short- start by perusing the map for potential countys- shortlist. If u think trying to find out which dukes would be ok (that one of ur shortlisted countys is in ) is gonna be a major hassle with the short time before count selections next week , then wait for duchy selection to nearly end.. then chk the duchys that have no player selected and would have a npc duke/duchess... and try to choose a county within that.

u still have time to make some intelligent good choice for urself using that map atm and during the ongoing duchy selection at the time this reply post . GOOD LUCK and WELCOME BACK!.. also get some gaming freinds in ur other game to get in ur county with a bloodline pack and a currently available stand alone mayor pack.

as u would be the count in urcounty- u can easily sell parcles of land to thier small selttments in ur county and make them grow later on. it is not yet late to have freinds and play and expand from ur county :D

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