Something Shiny this way comes

Hail, my fellow Elyrians!

Shiny time is upon us, which I’m supremely glad for. Thanks to the American holiday last week, I didn’t get to share a shiny but, this week, that’s not a problem!

It’s been an interesting week what with folks coming back from a vacation, however short. When you work on a project like this you “get close to it” thanks to the amount of time you spend working on it. Especially when you’re laser-focused on a particular part of a project. You get so focused on the details that you miss the whole, sometimes.

I’ve mentioned that before, and I've mentioned how it’s good to stop and take stock now and again. But sometimes, you step back to look at the bigger picture and you miss the small details.

Take this week, for example. I’ve been mostly working on Domain and Settlement Selection (D&SS) stuff. I’ve spent the week. on the one hand, with my nose pressed against my monitor, examining every pixel the process uses to render the game map you’ll all see when D&SS begins anew. On the other hand, I’ve also been working with the rest of the design guild on advancing some of the story telling work being done in the Soulborn Engine this week, which means I’ve had my eye on the game client in a sort of general sense.

So, color me surprised when I saw this in the wilderness this week! It’s some sort of ancient ritual site, or a set of markers. I recognized the imagery, so I get where it would have come from, but I had no idea that it existed in the region, tucked away from prying eyes.

For a few moments, I had exactly the sort of experience we’re striving to make possible with the game’s mechanics: I was surprised by what I encountered in an area I thought I was familiar with. In fact, I was a little scared. I wasn’t expecting to run into anything like it out there and I started to wonder if it was still in use; if there was a hunting party watching me, even then.

And it encouraged further exploration to see what else one might find. I’d some sense, I'd been looking at the forest, but I’d forgotten to look at the trees.

Of course, once I did look deeper and discovered more, I didn’t really feel any safer. Those are manacles, right? Why would you chain someone up in a… well? Pool? I mean, to be clear: I know why. A site like that really only has one use. Knowing that didn’t make me feel any safer.

Thankfully, as you can probably imagine based on the names, these are old sites. Ancient, even. Abandoned and a little overgrown. No one sacrifices people anymore, right?


Stay shiny, my friends!

P.S. No really; no one sacrifices anyone anymore. ;)

P.P.S. For those not in the know, the low-poly "low-fidelity" art style you're seeing is a screenshot from our pre-alpha client. We use this style for our implementation work because it allows us to iterate quickly on mechanics and features without forcing the art guild to continuously rework high-poly high detail models while we work out certain pipelines. This is not indicative of Chronicle of Elyria's final art style.

  • Snipehunter
7/12/2019 6:03:44 AM #16

The Stone wills it.

"Diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power"

7/12/2019 6:14:04 AM #17

Is it ancient if you still use it?

KS Backer #44

7/12/2019 6:21:55 AM #18

I wonder what will happen if we sacrifice something to the god

7/12/2019 9:08:20 AM #19

looks like to be a good place for eat some souls

7/12/2019 11:26:38 AM #20

I hope these ancient sites will contain some lost loot or other unique things that you can find that's tied to such said structures. I don't care if it's gold, food, old rusty weapon or even a necklace.4

7/12/2019 1:18:01 PM #21

No idea who would still use such a site, or who would even want to resurrect Daemon.

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7/12/2019 4:41:28 PM #22

Please tell me that the ancient site was build to align with the stars for a specific purpose! That would be awesome to see...

7/12/2019 5:43:09 PM #23

Might I suggest whoever's domain is nearest to this location should place guard patrols in this area to make sure this stays abandoned?

Looks can be deceiving.

7/13/2019 2:15:51 AM #24

Posted By MishkaRae at 6:42 PM - Thu Jul 11 2019

...are you sure no one uses that ancient site anymore...?

Well, certainly no one uses it to drown people any more, because the ruined pool won't hold water. Other uses cannot be ruled out, however.

7/13/2019 3:18:47 PM #25

Posted By MishkaRae at 02:42 AM - Fri Jul 12 2019

...are you sure no one uses that ancient site anymore...?

Muahah cough

'Game over man, over.'

7/14/2019 6:28:30 PM #26

to są skrin szoty z gry to tak ma to wyglądać ?? bo z grafa szalu nie ma :]

7/14/2019 7:13:23 PM #27

So are we talking one sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four ?