What games are people playing

As I wait for COE I begin to realize how much time is left before the game is playable so, what is everyone doing to keep themselves occupied?

6/29/2019 3:23:35 AM #1

Played Outward for a bit, was helping me with that adventure itch I was having lately.

Duke keeps trying to get some of us in the Duchy into Shroud of the Avatar, but it can't seem to hold me attention. Potato pc doesn't help :P

Filling my time working, sleeping, and bridging the gap with CoE forums and Discord.

6/29/2019 3:56:33 AM #2

Play Wurm Online, and will continue to do alongside CoE since it offers opportunities for terraforming and custom home construction that CoE will likely never have.

6/29/2019 7:56:56 PM #3

Escape From Tarkov, Paradox games etc

6/29/2019 11:14:21 PM #4

Im in some weird nostalgia right now.

I play Darkfall (Rise of Agon), Age of Conan and Dungeons&Dragons Online.

6/29/2019 11:30:23 PM #5

Star Wars knights of the old republic. Never played growing up but I am now and it’s great.

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6/30/2019 1:14:21 AM #6

I've been playing a lot of Project: Gorgon. Its still being developed but it's been a lot of fun. Plus it has a community of really nice and helpful players.

6/30/2019 2:38:50 AM #7

Just finished beating all 3 Dark Souls again, this time with the restriction of no summoning and no killing with any type of ranged attack.

Now I'm playing Sekiro for the first time. With no killing with ranged attacks.

I like challenging games... if there is no challenge, can it really be called a game?

6/30/2019 3:07:13 AM #8

Currently playing Hearts of Iron IV with the Road to '56 mod.

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6/30/2019 3:43:41 AM #9

Monster hunter: world, Pathfinder: Kingmaker and i'm waiting for WOW Classic - last played that one 2012 so it might be interesting for a while.

6/30/2019 4:37:00 AM #10

Mostly 7 days to die on PC and various Switch games at the moment. Considering getting back into Pathfinder: Kingmaker though, the new companion is enticing, but need the right feel to start over.

Was playing Starbound for a while with my partner since it got a major update, but it still lack too many of the aspects that make Terraria good in our book (custom built arenas for boss battles, solid alchemy mechanics, more unique loot etc.), so we burned out fast. We might set up a Conan Exile server again instead to tide us over until Terraria 1.4, but my partner is busy with a course exam atm though, so we'll see in a week or two. We'll probably end up doing Stellaris for a bit too.

6/30/2019 10:25:58 AM #11

Just downloaded banished which is surprisingly quite hard to play but its still fun tho :P

6/30/2019 3:58:57 PM #12

I'm playing a game called Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire that has human moderation of a computer based RPG set in space. It's kind of like playing a game of computerized version of Traveller or an RPG version of Eve, mixed with a 4x empire building sim.

The game has been running for over 20 years, and has been massively evolving every day of that period. It is very much a Massively Evolving Online Universe, with the bonus of active human GMs to do actions beyond the depth of the computerized orders. Races have been "found", died off, planets devastated, planets terraformed, new solar systems found, new hidden asteroids found (secret pirate base anyone?), new technology created (by players and GMs both) and of course hundreds of new outposts and Starbases created, abandoned, or destroyed each year.

There is no graphics beyond a few maps, so it's like playing a game like DnD, but with most of the actions automated on the computer. There is a massive amount of data available (it's been 20 years of history!) It is turn based, so 1 turn a day mon-fri. It seems very slow at first as you just start out with a few positions, but as you leave the starter area (called Halo) then it starts getting seriously fun and deep.

If you like the 4x genre (Civilization, Age of Empires, etc) as well as good old fashioned role playing (I was recently promoted to be the leader of a Feline race) then give your imagination some candy and come join us. I should mention it is free to play ships and outposts, but an upgraded political position as well as full fledged starbases have a small weekly cost if you choose to get that involved, as well as the Special Actions directly with the GMs.

6/30/2019 6:47:39 PM #13

FFXIV: ShadowBringers just released and it is a fun mmo for the time being.

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7/1/2019 1:39:39 AM #14

That free DLC for Borderlands 2 is pretty good. And I have an awesome Neverwinter guild.

7/1/2019 4:42:04 AM #15

Path of Exile

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