Commission Forum Banners&Coats of Arms

[Repost: the original title was needlessly long]

With Domain and Settlement Selection right around the corner, and many people looking forward to making their final oaths of fealty (not to mention the raffle of land and titles which will promote many former peasants to noble rank); this seems like the perfect time to plug the talented artist who created my forum banner and coat of arms pictured here.

Given upcoming events it appears to me that many of us may be in need of new/better forum banners and coats of arms for our up and coming noble houses in Elyria. If you like what you see here, and you'd like to see more you can visit this artists Etys store at the link provided here. She is very friendly and responsive to her clients desires for their projects, and she is very dedicated to her work. You won't find better quality. And, I wasn't paid to make this shameless plug either. I do believe that all of us on CoE who can should get the best quality art there is available.

6/16/2019 5:17:27 AM #1

mmm, not for $175. They are nice...but that's a bit steep, no so much for commissioned work but might not be priced for this type of market.

mm, never know though :)

6/16/2019 8:47:37 AM #2

you could always try fiverr, there are a wide range of individuals that can cater to specific needs and budgets, not trying to undermine the good deed of the poster by giving their artist a bit of advertisement, just providing options for other who might be interested in commissioned work but can afford this artist.

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