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EDIT: This post has been updated to reflect changes to our planning. The Domain and Settlement Selection site will be brought online in a review-only mode once the integration of maps and site is complete. This will be followed by a short window of time for monarchs to pick their duchies, counties and settlements. Finally, the normal pick process will resume thereafter.

Hail Elyrians!

Over the last week we've made huge progress on all three areas of Domain & Settlement Selection. The content team has completed the terrain generation and we're now sitting on four complete sets of elevation data. Each set is made up of 256 different 4k tiles, totaling over 16 GB of elevation data. On top of that, the content team has finished the higher resolution resource maps that tell us what the surface and subsurface resources are of each parcel of the starting continent. To get these maps created required almost round-the-clock execution of four separate 72 core machines, each running at 100% CPU utilization with almost 200 Gb of RAM. But the work is done, and the content team has moved off Domain & Settlement Selection! Huzzah!

Sample Terrain Tile

The second team, the metadata team, has been working tirelessly to balance the design-time and run-time game mechanics including the resource distribution, tribal distributions, and settlement distributions. While it may not be immediately obvious, there's a huge amount of interconnectivity between the work we're doing on the generation of the maps, and the way the game will be played and feel on launch day. As a result, there's been a lot of effort this week put toward making sure the game is fun at launch.

View of the D&SS Details Tab

We need to ensure that settlements are neither too far away, nor too close together. That they're neither over or under-populated, and that there's neither too little nor too much resources. We're not just building maps; we're building an entire world! The metadata team does have a bit more work to do, however, as the water simulations haven't completed, preventing us from determining exactly where water will exist in the world. As you can imagine, this is pivotal as it's not only a vital resource, but it also plays a role in where settlements are located, which in turn helps determine where county lines are drawn. We anticipate another couple of days of work required to complete the water simulations and rendering. Now that the content team is no longer using the build machines, and the terrain is done being created, the metadata team will be taking over use of the cloud machines.

And finally, the web team is feature complete on the website and is currently working through a full set of tests to validate its functionality. We anticipate being done with the test pass tomorrow.

As you can see, things are coming together -- and we're close -- but we're not quite there yet. This means that we won't be releasing Domain and Settlement Selection to you on Monday, the 13th. Earlier today, I spoke with several hundred of you, including many of the monarchs and nobles of the various servers to discuss the situation and our plans moving forward.

Based on that conversation, and our own internal planning, our efforts to complete the maps and bring the site online will continue as planned over the coming days. Once the site and the maps are integrated, however, we'll bring the Domain and Settlement Selection site online for your perusal in a review-only state. Only then will we officially open the site to resume Domain and Settlement Selection, shortly thereafter.

When the claim period begins, we will begin with a short time reserved for the monarchs, who will choose their duchies, counties, and seats of power, and will then proceed to the dukes as previously planned. By doing things this way, we'll allow the kings time to complete their picks of their duchy, county, and settlement ahead of the ducal picks. And, even as the monarchs make their last picks, the maps will be visible to everyone, ensuring everyone has a period of review before their pick time comes up.

We'll be giving you all regular updates throughout the process with images and other snippets of our progress so you can track where we are as we push to cross the finish line.

It's a been a long road getting to Domain & Settlement Selection folks. In many ways, building and balancing these massive worlds has been just as difficult and complex as building the technology they'll run on. But we're almost done. Just hang in there a little while longer and we'll get back to picking domains.

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Love how you sayed, we wont do it in December because of the holidays lolol!

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Great post. Thanks for the info and have a great Mother's Day!

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NO comment

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Nobody saw this one coming.


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The probability that any particular delay will be the last delay is inversely proportional the number of preceding delays.

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Thanks for the hard work trying to get this out to us, even if that means pushing it back another week. Hopefully it might even give you some more time to make it even better. 👍

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I honestly am happy with the update and even with the delay. sure, its another week, but that give you guys @ SBS to really put the polish on this and have awesome Maps for D&SS

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Just to be clear, you do expect to at least release the D&SS website (with viewable maps and accurate timers) once testing has finished sometime this week, but the Ducal selection stage won't start until the 20th?

EDIT: Casp's update answered my question: "The Domain and Settlement Selection site will be brought online in a review-only mode [i.e., we're able to look at maps at least] once the integration of maps and site is complete." And the Ducal picking stage won't happen until it's ready.

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HEY GUYS - Remember how last week literally majority of the community asked you to remove the "13th May date" because we thought you wouldn't be able to meet it and it gave you a safe space? Well I remember.

Edit: At least we get the maps before actual picks now - kinda nice

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edit, misread my bad

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I'm sorry but this is a joke, now I will get downvoted here but who cares.

So, I started off ideally placed for my pick, then it was pushed back a week to a sketchy but doable date, now I am pushed back to whilst I am on holiday.

But still I'm lucky, I didn't book any time off work.

All of this pales though in SBS image in the wider gaming community. You fix dates and then miss them, why on earth are you even setting a date for DSS before the world is even generated. It just screams stupidity...

Everything should have been ready to go and in testing when you announced DSS, that's what you should do for everything you announce...

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Looking forward to the maps, this looks awesome.

Minor delays compared to the massive endeavor.

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For the tl/dr crowd, Caspian says: This time is for realzies. I can feel it in my nuggets!