Keshi Colonial Company

The KCC plans to be a guild that's focus is on sailing to different lands, The ideal goal to find an uninhabited continent, to start our new nation, a larger island would also do for a start, but I digress.

Let me explain what type of nation the guild will be trying to create.

Style of Government

Constitutional Parliamentary democracy all free persons are able to run for the parliament, the separate "mostly independent" provinces picking people for the house of lords who will elect our Supreme court.

Economic system

Free market Capitalism All free persons have complete economic freedom, contract is king, All contracts shall be upheld in court.

**Class system"

Two classes free and not free We will accept all criminals from around Elyria. Simply board them onto our ships and they will be taken and used as free labor and be not free persons.

All people wishing to live free who have not been sent as criminals will be given freedom cards which they must keep on them. Its how we tell the difference.

Legal system

Very simple- If a crime is committed against a free person, that person will be convicted. If a crime is committed against a non free person the courts will not convict, and the law enforcement will not arrest.

The Keshi family, is intend on bringing democracy and economic stability to Elyria.

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