Looking for a Kingdom to join

I am a Baron level player looking for a kingdom to join :D

5/2/2019 6:49:29 AM #1

Edit: I am an idiot, missed this was in OCE. Welcome to OCE! And thanks Kov for the good response :)

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5/2/2019 7:08:53 AM #2

Hey Marrack welcome to Oce! I always recommend to newcomers to join the Oce discord and all the kingdom discords to get to know us all. Here's an invite to Oce discord, to get you started.

5/2/2019 7:46:17 AM #3

Hi Marrack,

There are four to choose from:



Lor Voskara


As Kov mentioned above, joining the OCE discord is a great start, it will give you the chance to meet the other OCE players.

As well all kingdoms will be locked into their positions by the end of Sunday, so it will help with selecting one based on Location/Tribe.

I strongly recommend though that you select based on the people more than the tribes, but that is my personal view there.

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5/2/2019 8:33:59 AM #4

Mihangel, were you on mobile? I almost missed it too :)

Khalma is 100% right too, it's the people that make a community.

5/2/2019 2:48:50 PM #5

While others have said find people you like. I would say, aim for what you wanna go. If you have some preference towards a tribe/biome, go just that. OCE community overall is pretty sweet. So not like you end up playing with a bunch of dickheads, no matter where you land.

Best way to get the feel for each kingdom, is to just join each kingdom discord. Joining the general one for OCE overall, is also a good starting point.

If you are locked being a baron. Probably easier just finding a duke you like. Since it be that person you be working with in game. Help narrow looking around a bit at least.

5/2/2019 3:27:51 PM #6

Just to note, the 'baron' pledge from kickstarter is equivalent to a standard mayor title - you need to find a duke you like in one of the kingdoms and have yourself recognised as a baron by them, in order to properly be one.

Welcome to OCE!