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Purchased the package on Kickstarter and I am very happy to see how well it is finally coming alone. I have been pretty inactive, but I do think its time I came around! Only problem is not really sure where to go from here. Any tips would be great.

Thanks and Cheers

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First question... Did you lock your server to NA-E by 4/22?

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Posted By Brynath at 8:29 PM - Mon Apr 29 2019

First question... Did you lock your server to NA-E by 4/22?

I believe I did. Also when I go to my account it does say Main Server Luna (NA-E)

4/30/2019 12:48:59 AM #3

Alright next step is do you have a group picked out. With Domain selection here it would be a great idea to look into joining your desired community for the kingdom they are selecting this week.

4/30/2019 12:54:24 AM #4

I have nothing picked out and do not belong to any faction or kingdom. I did look at the map they recently released with the biomes.

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Well you have a couple weeks before you would need to place yourself as a mayor so it would certainly be the next step in this process. The map is helpful to get an idea of biomes and tribes in areas if you have a preference that way. Otherwise would recommend joining the different kingdom discords and just getting to know the groups involved.

4/30/2019 4:55:51 AM #6

Yeah, either pick a tribe and see what kingdom has that tribe, or meet all the kingdoms and figure out who you like then figure out what tribes they will be...

Vornair is Kingdoms 1 and 2 as of this morning. as the weeks progress we will know for sure what the other kingdoms will be.

You also should have gotten a message recently telling you what time you get to pick a settlement. If you want to be a Baron I would try finding a Duke as they are the ones who designate the Barons, You'll also want to look around for the Counts, as your settlement will be in their County.

Overall Just try and socialize a bit till your time to pick, and see if you can find people you can work with.

Most people from all the kingdoms are helpful, some are just rougher around the edges than others. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

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Hmm... I'll skip the pleasantries and just straight up tell you to look into the Duchy of Tenebrae and join. Here's the discord link. Duchy of Tenebrae

How's that for being rough around the edges? ;)

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If you’re interested in To’resk you might give my county a try.

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My apologies I found this discussion in another thread.

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I would definately advise you to try to reach out to the Duke/Duchess whose lands you intend to settle in in the next few weeks. Also talk to the count who owns the county your town will be in. Multiple reasons for this. It is the duke who actually makes you a baron and pays you to raise an army, and it's the the counts who can help you grow your town. Even if you settle in a county with a npc count, talk to the player counts of the duchy, especially those who live in the counties next to you as with their support you could become the count of your county quite easily, assuming you're the only player mayor in that npc count's land.

Anyways that is just some general advice for what to do in regards to picking your town. In regards to picking an actual Kingdom, Duchy, or County, there are plenty of informational threads out there some with website and discord links. Feel free to check them out, read up on them, and try to make what you feel is the best choice. Plus you can always message any of the Kings/Queens, Dukes/Duchesses, or Counts/Countesses you see in the forums by just sending them a message through the website. Most of us are active enough on here to see a new message fairly quick, especially right now.

Anyways, hope to see you in the game someday.


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Thank you for all the feed back. Time to hunker down and do some research!

5/6/2019 4:05:03 PM #12

If the ocean calls to you regardless of your tribe, come have a chat with the Duchy of Triton in the Kingdom of Vornair.

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