City of Albatross

Welcome to the Seaside Capital City of Keromar, Albatross.

Known as the “Land of the Horse Lords”, the County of Keromar is an area of coastal grassland that lies within the Duchy of Lemuria and the mighty Kingdom of Al Khezam. The Capital City of Albatross is located near the coast of Keromar, next to the river Scaldis. The City is renowned for its Trade and Horse breeding.

The Port of Albatross is a place for citizens to gather and trade close by the sea. From the sea, ships can sail straight into the Duchy of Lemuria.

The City is ruled by the ancestral seat of the house Vandefield, Count Lucas VandeField and the Horse Lords.

The overall vision of Albatross is to encourage people to join our community and start as crafters, merchants, soldiers, farmers, cooks, hunters … whatever role they want to play in our city.

People of all tribes, disciplines and abilities will be welcome and all will be an honored part of our heritage and a vital contribute to the health of our people and the economy of Albatross.

Our settlement will provide guilds and market places for all our citizens. Guilds and organizations will provide credibility and accountability for their members - like minded citizens brought together, working towards a common goal.

When it comes to government and law, we as a City and County, will be subject to Kingdom and Duchy law.

In addition to that we have a County Council. This Council is run as a meritocracy, led by the Count, the Viscount, The First Horse Lord, the Sheriff and the Landowners.

These Councilors and Landowners, generally act as the legislative branch of the City and County Government, as well as its policy making body. The Government looks to all settlements goals, major projects and infrastructure improvements ranging from community growth to land use to finances and strategic planning.

The Guards are the police force of Albatross and will uphold laws and protect the citizens of Albatross. Duties may include patrolling areas, protecting caravans, guarding citizens and dealing with criminals. Head of the Guards is the Sheriff.

Join us !

So my friend... by being pledged to the wonderful settlement of Albatross, guilds, schools, merchant and social organizations are all within your reach. Be part of our legacy and future!

Here are just a few reasons to start a life in the settlement of Albatross:

  1. Taxes - Our tax rates will be reasonable.

  2. Employment - Employment should be diverse and available in our settlement through the diverse guilds and merchant businesses.

  3. Affordability - Every citizen should be able to afford housing and/or commercial spaces for their businesses.

  4. Education - All citizens will be able to learn and explore their chosen skills and professions in our guilds.

  5. Safety - Low crime rates makes business and residency attractive to our citizens.

To become a citizen of the settlement of Albatross, contact me in any of the following ways:

County of Keromar

Kingdom of Al-Khezam Discord

Kingdom of Al-Khezam Forum

Friend code 49A89A

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS... with a lot of "wild guesses" how everything will be in the actual game. So everything here can (AND WILL) change probably..... Feel free to comment...

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Citizen List:

Luke VandeField






4/28/2019 10:09:25 PM #3

excellent start - looking forward to seeing further plans

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Hey VandeField nice post 😃 I can only imagine the beautiful images to come with D&SS

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Looks great! :D Cant wait to visit you in Al'K!

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Updated from City to Settlement.

Not sure how much land I'm able to buy or get at the start...

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