Three Mayor Titles

I have three mayor titles. I know if I bundle them together, I will receive additional parcels and such when I eventually claim my settlement.

What happens if I don’t bundle them? Do I get to pick three? Or would I lose two of them?

4/13/2019 7:32:33 AM #1

I think you’re confusing the bundling.

Bundling bundles one title and everything that goes with the title so that you can transfer that single title to another person.

If you have 3 claimed titles, then those titles will be merged when you select for domain and settlement selection, you don’t get a choice to select multiple.

Currently you can either select a settlement and have it increase in size, bundle one or more of your titles and send them to someone else, or trade the title in for more EP.

4/13/2019 11:06:46 AM #2

To be clear, you can not pick 3 settlements. Claim/Merge them before you select a settlement, trade them to someone else, or turn them in for very minimal EP.

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